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Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Tink, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Tink

    Tink Queen Assistant

    Jun 12, 2020
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    4:11 PM
    Hi guys! I'm Panda, I am 25. I've been roleplaying for 14 years. I can match what you write and will never go less than two paragraphs, though it may take me a bit to get more paragraphs in.

    I predominantly write as a female character. I love a good romance, but by no means is that all I will do.
    I have no real limits on what I will and won't do so long as they follow site rules. I have a lot of kinks, and generally speaking, there isn't a whole lot I won't do. I like horror and fantasy roleplays too, but I also like a lot of romance. I also like crime or horror as genres too.

    I prefer to play FxM, or FxF pairings. As far as smut goes, I need at least 50% smut to 50% story

    I have a craving for real domination.

    Uh, so I love romance and I want that to happen, but I'd love for my character to be dominated. It can even be people who don't get along and YC just decides they're going to have sex/he's going to tie her up and do what he wants to her.

    Here are some pairings I'd be down to play, although you can suggest any:
    Maid or Nanny x Employer (ie maybe single dad or a married man who hates his wife)
    Boss x Secretary
    Master x Slave/Pet
    Cop x Criminal
    Enemies turned lovers
    Professor x Student
    Ex Girlfriend x Ex Boyfriend
    Arranged Marriages
    Serial Killer x FBI Agent sent to track them down - Very possible for rape and non con
    Anything Fantasy, particularly using a Fairy I have.
    I'm also down for non con relationships. At first. I would like love to happen, but non con is fine by me.


    A prince and a pauper -
    This would be very much like a modern retelling of Cinderella. I'm thinking MC would work for a charity where YC, the prince, is forced to volunteer. He could be a bad boy who pursues her after meeting her. Of course, being with the prince is high profile, and my girl goes from being virtually a nobody to the world of royals. It'd be a big change for her, even if she were engaged to the prince, it would take a lot of time to see if she can hack that world... Or if she'd rather be apart from it. Of course, your guy can totally convince her to stay, but yeah.

    For Sale -
    MC would essentially be sold to YC to repay a debt. She could be forced to marry yours or honestly whatever.
    There's a lot listed here, but I am open to virtually anything, so ask away.

    I am also looking for some Fandom RPS:
    Harry Potter
    - OC x OC
    -Harry x Hermoine
    - Draco x Hermoine
    Bob's Burgers (as adult OCs)
    And others, just throw ideas at me?
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  2. Tink

    Tink Queen Assistant

    Jun 12, 2020
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    4:11 PM
    I'll redo this, but message me any ideas, I'm so down!
  3. alex falcon

    alex falcon Life is hard, but you can only look at the future. Member

    Nov 13, 2020
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    5:11 PM
    I love draco and hermoine ship.

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