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 MxF  Fantasy  Science-Fantasy  Romance  Erotic  Open  Seeking Female Characters Warlords of Bhavrizad

Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by Wonderer1999, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Sep 17, 2019
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    Hello and welcome! This roleplay is for female members who are interested only. I will only allow about four people before it's closed. now, I will get on with the RP desctription.

    Bhavrizad, a world on the brink of ruin. A planet rotating three suns, it's core begins to heat immensly, causing the surface world to dry up. Now a vast desert scape, it's natives, the Da'baruk, have taken to a nomadic lifestyle. Seperated into clans that travel the desert, these groups are lead by powerful Warlords who fight, trade and conquer. Da'baruk are a strong and noble warrior race and in this society only the strong my thrive.

    On this planet however, there is yet another sentient species seeking to survive, the Vi'firi. These pale, small and seemingly weak beings are beautiful and palce with glowing hair and eyes, as they once hailed from underground but, as the core heated, they were forced above ground. Now taking refuge in the small and scarce oasis that dot the vast badlands, the Vi'firi often find themselves being raided and pillaged by the Da'baruk. Their females taken from them. Female Vi'firi have become valuable for the Warlords for many reasons, one of the most important being their ability to use healing magic.

    I will play a Warlord and the four other roleplayers who decide to join will play as Vi'firi. We can discuss details when I get replies!
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