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 THE HUNT (Vampire, Hunter, Etc)

Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by Akuma-Chan, Jul 30, 2019.

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    Vampires have existed since the beginning, hidden in the shadows of the world and in the whispers of stories chucked up as mere fantasy. But they’re there, hiding, waiting...watching. These vampires have fed on humans in order to survive. Very few are left in the world due to the dangers of transitioning into a vampire that most don’t live through. And pure-bloods are dying out and are few and far between. Not to mention they are hunted by a secret organization known as The Silver Order, an elite group of warriors trained and bred to hunt and kill vampires.

    There are different types of vampires that roam still and some are so rare no one has seen them for centuries. Are you ready to join the fight?

    Vampire Types
    Vampires began when a man sacrificed and betrayed his lover to the moon goddess Nyx for immortality in the lake, now known as the Blood Lake. Disgusted by the man she gave his dead lover, Aryna, immortality. Aryna killed the man drinking his blood and becoming the first vampire and the ultimate pure blood. She then asked Nyx to bless four of her followers with immortality and thus five pure bloods were created. Aryna has children but became mad when her new human lover died at the hands of her deadly vampiric powers. a ritual was performed sealing her away forever in a deep slumber, no one knowing where she lays dormant and mad as all the other pure blood originals have since died.

    • D-class: the most common vampire, they have no special abilities and are weaker. They are weak to any weapons, cleansed water from the blood lake, and by being dismembered it having their heads removed. Can’t go in the sun
    • C-class: Fairly common they are a bit stronger and faster than D-class but are still weak to anti vampire weapons and everything else that D-class are weak to. They can only go in the sun for a couple hours at a time.
    • B-Class: these are very few and have a single special ability and can be in the sunlight but it makes them significantly weaker but doesn’t hurt them. They can be killed with only Anti- Vampire weapons
    • Purebloods: there are only around five of these left in the entire world. They can walk freely in the sunlight and can have two abilities. They are the strongest and fastest of all the vampire and usually are the rulers of their kind. Extremely hard to tell apart from a normal human. They can only be killed with special crafted weapons made with a special crystal called the soul crystal. They can drink human blood and other vampires blood and survive.
    The Silver Order
    Created by the son and daughter of the human lover Aryna killed. They trained chosen few, orphans and abandoned children for centuries forming a large secret organization of hunters and huntresses. Now run by a council of 5 chosen by the people of the organization but they are there for life. Very strict organization.

    • Crimson soldiers: lowest ranking warriors and usually handle paperwork and easy jobs that aren’t as dangerous as other jobs. D-class only vampires
    • Ivory Soldiers: They are up a rank and handle slightly more dangerous jobs and take care of the disposing of vampire bodies and assist as backup for higher rank soldiers on deadly jobs C-class vampires or B-Class as long as it’s in a large hunting group
    • Silver Soldiers: are in charge of killing and hunting down B-Class vampires. They are great warriors and their are a couple hand fulls of them.
    • Crystal Soldiers: Soldiers blesses with crystal weapons and hunt down pure-bloods and capture them. It’s very rare that they even kill them so they usually capture them using a crystal weapon to make them submit or to use holy chains to forcefully take the in. They are the best and there is only a single handful of them.

    Anti-Vampire weapons:
    Weapons created to kill vampires. Must be some kind of human to wield one. They are rather created using metal submerged in the waters of the Blood-Lake or infused with a soul crystal. Vampire can be wounded by other weapons but can heal them as if they were scratches.

    Blood Lake: This lakes water can create anti vampire weapons and the water itself can hurt vampires. however, it is very hard to reach and so it is very rarily visited as people die most of the time on their travels there.

    Setting: country of Judis, with a steampunk Victorian type of society. Capital/ largest city is The Vale. City like in the center of the country but turns more rural the farther you spread from the inner cities. Large like the U.S. with different types of environments and weather patterns.

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