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Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by UnrulyApathy, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. UnrulyApathy

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    Mar 20, 2020
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    Since the days of old, human beings have always been preyed upon by those creatures that dwell within the world in the shadows. For century's mankind was helpless to the might of the creatures of the night, and it seemed these dark forces may reign forever. Humanity was on the brink of destruction until the intervention of a clan of warriors comprised of the most skilled fighters, tacticians, and inventors from everywhere around the globe came together with the purpose of hunting and destroying the creatures of the supernatural that would cause
    humanity harm. As the centuries passed this clan of warriors became an organization known as The Slayers, a group of men and women dedicated to hunting the supernatural creatures that harmed humans.

    Centuries have passed since the founding of The Slayers, and their existence is necessary to keep the human race safe. An experienced Slayer by the name of Mathias Blackwell is one of the organization's top Slayers and has given half his life to the order. Mathias adopts a group of children and trained them in the ways of a Slayer in order to carry on his legacy. Now the kids are in High school and must deal with hunting creatures of the occult as well as dealing with the trials of everyday High school life.
    Hi, my name is Unruly Apathy, you can just call me Apathy for short. This is an RP I have trying to do for years, but I've never been able to get it off the ground. As you have been able to read this rp is about a family of demon/supernatural creature hunters or "slayers" learning the ways of a slayer while dealing with everyday teenage/young adult life. The origin story starts off like this, your character has been adopted from an orphanage run by a witch who planned to sacrifice you as well as other children (everyone else's character) to add years to her life. On the day of the ritual, Mathias Blackwell along with a group of other slayers infiltrated the orphanage and killed the witch. I'm planning to do about three or four arcs of this story. Arc one will focus on the kids and their lives in high school and if this takes off I will unveil more of the story, as for the demons and monsters, we will be fighting a myriad of supernatural creatures across multiple types of mythology.
    From vampires to ghosts to straight-up demons, we will be fighting them all. Before this is taken out of context, I will remind anyone who joins this we are still beginning/adept slayers, so we will be only fighting monsters that are not too powerful. We won't be fighting powerful weather-controlling djinns just yet. I'm hoping to get a small group, but if more people want to join, I will not say no, no more than 8 for right now. As far as characters go, I will let people have more than one character if it's a small group. If more people join I will limit it to one.
    -No Godmodding

    -Must play a human char, unless you're really positive you can convince me otherwise which is highly unlikely.

    -Please be courteous to other players.

    -When it comes to posts, I'm looking for quality over quantity, that being said, The minimum is 1-2 paragraphs. If you want to write more, that's fine as well
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  2. Junnabee

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    Oct 14, 2019
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    I'd be down to join if you get more people :)

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