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Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by LadySynn, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. LadySynn

    LadySynn Daiquiri Queen Member

    Dec 2, 2019
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    Hello! ~*

    The name's Synn. (The name has some history and makes a nice pun.)
    I am an avid roleplayer seeking some new long term partners.
    My old stomping grounds closed down (New Horizons and Tales Untold) so here I am and I am just now egtting the chance to get to roleplaying more seriously again.

    What to Expect from me?
    - Mirrored posts in lengh but I average 2 to 3 paragraphs but sometimes can go well above 6 paragraphs (depending on what you give me to work with)
    -a detailed story
    -I can write anything from vanilla to extreme horror
    -erotic and non-erotic is fine. (But a lil smut spices things up)
    -Communication (and friendly chitchat)
    -Plot Twist (gotta have a few of those right?)
    -Can play both male and female characters. (I lean female in preference)
    -Can play mutiple characters
    -I am a very patient person (I know life happens. take your time mon ami)​

    My limits?
    -incest (just not into it)
    -slice of life (Just too dull without some scifi or fantasy twist to it)
    -fandom (I prefer original settings or loose connections with an existing world)
    -lets keep it within site rules​

    What I want?
    -Communication (let me know if you need to leave for a while)
    -long term partner (hopefully)
    -be friendly!
    -The more detail in a post, the better! (Please no one liners....)​

    Now that that is out of the way, let's touch on some general interests. I love hearing new ideas and concepts you may have as muchas I enjoy working with one of the stories I am dying to do and I am willing to merge ideas. Somethimes those can be the most interesting.

    Synnful Delights ~*
    -Foreplay (like, come on, gotta have a build up)
    -rough (biting, scratching, hair pulling)
    -polyandry ;3
    -BDSM (experimental with extreme)
    -Ropes/Chains/Cuffs (Just take control)
    -Slow Burn Romances (build up is everything. GIVE ME SEXUAL TENSION.)
    -Dominance/Control (I can be a switch, but I love a dominant character)​

    - Vampires (Not Twilight vampires, more Night World)
    -Werewolves/Lycans (Underworld in theme)
    -elves (I love Dragon Age)
    -simulated realities/video games
    -victorian era
    -robot x human
    -forbidden romance
    -master/slave dynamics
    -angel/demon romance
    -fantasy settings
    -scifi settings
    Really, there is alot I like. You wanna pitch an idea, do it! I wanna hear it!

    For the real reason you came here for? (I hope.)
    My story suggestions that I am most eager to get the ball rolling on.
    1. Lost in Space and Time. Long ago, a famous space pirate ruled the galaxy in the prefederation era of space exploration then suddenly vanished. Several thousand years later, a ship comes across a beacon that was reactives when passing by a sun and by some miracle became active. Upon the destroyed ship's wreckage is a long lost android that was one of the crew members of that famous pirate except most of it's memory has been stolen during whatever fight left them in that abandoned ship. In this era, hyper realistic androids like this are highly illegal due to an android uprising yet finding a functional one is rare and one that worked directly under the famed pirate even more so. It is the chance to be the richest person in the galaxy. But can you trust a pirate android? Can you even trust your copilot? There is more to this android's story than what meets the eye.​
    2. Of Steam and Blood. This is a victorian themed steampunk society. Steam engines run everything and society is thriving with mechanical wonders made ordinary. Society is at its peak when suddenly new undocumented designs come out that nobody can control except for the madman who created them. Nobody knows who he is except he was somebody of wealthy and clever enough to hide in plain sight. These ungodly machines take the form of demented clockwork ravens, taring down airships, all the way to massive boarish beasts of metal ripping apart streets. The madman has taken over entire cities and people are scared. Somebody has to investigate this person and bring him to justice. But when a strange and clearly high classed woman is chased in the streets in broad daylight by a mechanical spider, it is clear there is more to the story than what meets the eye. What are her connections to the mysterious madman and why does he want her dead?​
    3. Lakeside Goddess. Mankind is coming to unknown land to take over a wilderness that was once considered sacred. While surveying the land, tragedy strikes and somebody falls into the water and swept away. When he awakens, he finds himself somewhere he doesn't know and a woman with an unusual appearance over him. She is the definition of supernatural and she is bound to the hidden lake in the forest that is in the process of being torn down. Her worshippers left long ago, leaving her alone until he appeared. The forgotten goddess is an enitity tied to the lake but specifically the mysterious crystals at the bottom of it. She knows little of how she came to exist nor why she lives except that she is the will and diety of the lake and its forest. Yet she simply can't leave to confront what is happening given her very existence is tied directly to the crystals. What are the crystals? Why and how did she come to exist? Can she be saved or is she doomed to be lost with her sacred land?​
    4. Dragon's Divine Punishment. In a kingdom, a dragon took control of a castle and turned itelf into a god before them. It ruled over the people mercilessly. Hoarding gold and doing as dragon's do best until one day a witch placed a curse upon the dragon and transformed the mighty dragon to a human against their will. Turned to a puny human, the dragon now must seek a way to regain their true form again and break the curse, only to meet a knight seeking to fight and end the life of the merciless dragon that ruled the land. Can the dragon hide their identity? Do they event try to do so? Can they trust the knight? Will they ever become a dragon again? Would they even want to become a dragon again? And when word escapes that the dragon that ruled the kingdom mysteriously vanished, what happens then? Who will claim the empty throne? Human or rival dragon?​
    5. Knife-Eared Servant. In a kingdom, humans and elves do not get along. While trade is rich with dwarves, humans and elves could not overcome their differences. Thus, humans enslaved elves that wandere dinto their territories or as an outcome of attacks on elven territories. Elvish slaves were a common sight in cities and were popular simply because of how beautiful they looked, in most cases. When an male elf is bought by a wealthy woman, he found himself as her personal attendant to escort her and keep her safe. Yet, little did she know, her husband was in and out of shady organization which supplied her wealth. When assassins come and take his life, the woman was a witness and now a loose end. She loses everything if the word came out about the man she married for his crimes are treason. With an obedient collar on him, the elf has no choice but to help her seek shelter. Will she find a safe haven among the elves? Will she get revenge for her husband's betrayal? Will she survive the hunt for her life? And what of her only ally? Will he survive until he is freed of his collar? What happens when the collar is off?​
    6. Vampire's Promise. Medieval era. A lord a bitten vampire seeking to aid his kind, that of other created vampires. He has charities and wealth on his side and has been researching his kind to find a way for them and humans to coexist. He changes people who would not have a life without it, giving people a chance to live when there seemed no other option due to illness or a near death experience. He has a devoted following because of this of both humans who secretly know of his deeds to help those in poor conditions and with the vampires he had helped. He has made arrangements for peace to exist between people and vampires in his small circle yet he intends to do so much more. Yet a huntress seeks to take down everything he has worked to create. While it would be easier to end her life, he discovers that her bloodline is unique. In her blood is something dormant that is related to vampire survival and a way for vampires to be born rather than made. A chance of a life time exists in her blood and only her as her lineage was killed off by rogue vampires or half changed vampires. (half changed vampires are zombies. They didn't get enough vampire blood to change to a full vampire during their transition.) With the chance for a new type of vampire to be born from her and the chance to donate her blood to existing vampires to give them a better chance at life, the question is how to turn this hunter into an ally. Can the lord convince her to his cause? Or will he die trying? What would his people do with the gift hidden in her blood? Can peace exist between vampires and humans?​
    7. A Soul for a Demon. Hell has become dull. Yet to have fun, a human must willingly give their soul to a demon to allow them to come to the surface in a physical form of their own with a unique contract where the demon is bound to a certain proximity to the body he is contracted to. Desperate to wreck havoc on the surface, a demon was able to find a host for the contract. Yet the contract is trouble some. He cannot leave her side too far nor can he allow her to come into harm for any harm to ehr goes to him directly. If she was to die, te contract would end and he would lose his position on the surface. But there is more to the girl than what is on the surface, something unnatural in her human soul suggesting a dormant power. When angels begin to intervene with the contract, seeking to severe the deal between them, holy demon hunters get involved. If killed by an angel or demon hunter, the demon cannot be reborn. Can he keep the girl alive as well as himself? What powers are dormant inside her? Is there a safe way to end their contract without death?​
    8. The Devil's Flower. When the apocolypse came, nobody expected it to come from a fungus that takes the form of an ever so innocent flora. It infects fast, filling the body cavity and lungs with spores of carriers. Carriers are people of a vegetarian or vegan diet for their lack of protein during the incubation period for the spores prevented the full take over. Their entire bodies made to create the spores for a sudden and explosive release. Those who had a heavier diet of proteins evolved rapidly into the frightful petalheads. Blossoms covered their bodies and ate them alive as they rushed at anything that moved, existing solely to feed te parasite growing from them. Survival seems impossible and few are immune to it. Yet the discovery of a stranger with such a blossom in their eye but their mind in tact suggests a coexistence is possible. To some degree as coexistence comes with a heavy cost. Can this half petalhead be trusted? Why are they able to coexist with the parastic flower? What happens when the government finds out about them?​
    9. Galaxy Savoirs. When a prophet from a far galaxy speaks of an ancient legend coming true, it was considered conspiracy. Yet such a darkness has been spreading, eating entire solar systems one by one. Legend tells that long ago the galaxy was spared destruction because of two chosen beings. One harboring Fire, light, and Earth as their power as the other having Water, sound, and air as their power. Together they share the strength necessary to defeat the entity in the planet devouring darkness and it is said their failure resets the universe time and time again. Now such a prophecy has resurfaced and a secret organization seeks out the chosen two. Opposites in every way, can the two chosens come to an agreement? Or will the universe fall?
    10. Living Goddess...? Long ago, temple rose to house the gods. People came to give respect, to pray, and to serve the gods who lived in the temples. Yet as you come of age and enter the temple as a new priest, it becomes aparent there is something mysterious about the Goddess you serve. Beautiful and delicate as she may be, something more lies in her sad gaze. In truth, the goddess that humans worshipped, was actually a god. A male god with a feminine figure and appearance. There was a time when humans knew the truth yet after a long disappearance, he returned to find people believed him to be female because of his beautiful face and long hair. He never had the heart to correct them and now his brothern tease him for letting it slide for so long. Will the truth crush you? Or will you accept your love for the god despite the truth of their sex? Will they fall in love with you as well? Will the truth of their identity ever come to the light?
    11. The Violinist. Born to a world of opression, nobody is free. You are born into a system where your worth is predetermined by your status and test scores. If you fail, you can lose all your basic rights. If you are born low, you may never be able to go above the right level of your parents. What are your rights? The right to own a home. The right to own a bed. The right to lay down. The right to buy food. The right to shelter. The right to speak. Everything is a right you must earn by being an effective member of the society. Yet this isn't the luck one individual had. Born low, his parents gave up the right to keep him learning he was born with a mental disability. He was put in the system. Passed from one home to another until he found somebody who actually tried to help him. He found himself in his violin yet when that person died, he was too old to return to the system. He lost everything. So he stole the violin and made his way to the lower sectors of the city where he plays his violin for credits but also to keep his sanity as the music was the only thing to calm is raging mind. When a fateful encounter happens, can his life change forever? Will he be able to exist in this world a free man? Or will this encounter lead to a revolution?
    12. The Beast in the Woods. A story is told of a monsterous creature living in the woods. It has always been there, a monster that terrorized the people year after year in this poor village. Yet with the disappearance of a young girl, the beast returns. It is believed the beast took her away and devoured her. Yet there is more to the story. The beast seems to be searching the village, seeking something in the dark of night. There is a curse within a bloodline. A witch exist deep in the woods, with her own answers with directions that lead them on a journey from the small woods around the village to the world beyond. Is the beast truly the monster it is said to be? Why does the beast exist? Can the curse om this beast be lifted? (This story is more non-romantic but bitter sweet even if it was to lean in a romantic direction.)
    13. Research gone wrong. When a team of archelogists make their way to a sealed tomb, they find that some curses and myths are true. Locked in the tomb, they find theirselves in danger with the spirits of the tomb hunting them down- seeking to kill them and the horror only thickens when they learn they are not the first to be locked in the tomb but perhaps the first to fulfill the prophetic curse that brings a far more real danger to reality. The fate that awaits them is ritualistic sacrifice if caught or posessed by one of these spirits. The question is, can they survive? Can they find an alternate exit from the tomb? Or perhaps, can they put an end to the curse?

    And that is all I got for the moment.
    Gender of characters mentioned along with roles are not set in stone.
    Any of these can be altered according to your interest or character you wish to play.
    I also don't mind doing the same rp with other people.
    Every person brings their own elements to develop into a unique story.

    I look foreward to seeing you in my PMs!
    Stay safe out there!
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  2. LadySynn

    LadySynn Daiquiri Queen Member

    Dec 2, 2019
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    7:03 AM
    New stories added!
  3. LadySynn

    LadySynn Daiquiri Queen Member

    Dec 2, 2019
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    7:03 AM

    Been a while. Think its time i pick up some new rps. Anybody interested?
  4. LadySynn

    LadySynn Daiquiri Queen Member

    Dec 2, 2019
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    7:03 AM

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