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 RP Rules

Discussion in 'Site Rules' started by Umbra, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Umbra Roleplaying Rules

    1. Characters under 18 years of age are permitted, however:

    a. Characters younger than 18 years of age are not to be exposed to any sexual or extremely violent situations, period. No exceptions. Failure to adhere to this rule (including asking others for roleplays where these situations are involved) WILL result in an immediate ban. This includes “fade to black” situations involving minors or anything where sex or violence is implied. These situations can be a part of a character’s backstory but may not be described in detail, only alluded to.​

    b. Characters involved in sexual and/or violent situations must physically be AND appear at least 18 years of age. A magical fairy god who is 1000 years old but looks 14 is going to be considered 14 as far as Umbra is concerned.​

    2. On bestiality and necrophilia:

    a. Anthropomorphic characters, weres and animal shifters are all permitted as long as they maintain human-level intelligence, the ability to physically speak, and the ability to verbally consent to sexual encounters.​

    b. No sexual contact between humans and animals is permitted, regardless of the mental capacity or ability of said animal. Sexual encounters between two animals is allowed so long as both parties are sentient and capable of consenting.​

    c. Sexual contact between human and anthro characters is allowed as they maintain a humanoid appearance despite their animalistic traits.​

    d. Sexual activity involving vampires and otherwise cognitively unimpaired undead is allowed; however, sexual activity involving corpses and “brain dead” zombies is not. Undead characters must maintain sentience and the ability to consent to sexual situations.​

    3. Staff have final say on the interpretation of these rules. We are open to polite, thoughtful discussion and if we find fault with a rule we are willing to adjust if we deem such action necessary. This does not give you the freedom to argue with staff when we ask you to correct a behavior. Being passive-aggressive, argumentative, or otherwise difficult is likely to cause a friendly reminder to graduate into a serious warning. Please be respectful when a staff member reminds you of a rule.
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