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Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by CaptKiraXAlice23, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. CaptKiraXAlice23

    CaptKiraXAlice23 Lion of Orb 9th Legion Member

    Jul 18, 2020
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    Hello!! I am looking for some fun rps! That are Romance, Action, and sexual base with some Kinky sexual fun as well. Some are Anime related. Others are ideas and things that I have come up with over the years. Some are book plots that never got used. Hope you have a discord. That where I am most the time for rps. This site just a base for finding rp partners! And well looking for Females and even open to male partners who can play female characters. I am open to that.

    If you know and like the animes please feel free to shout out.

    Sword Art Online Series, High School DXD Series, High School Day of the Dead, Fate Stay Night, Fate Unlimited Blade Works, Fate Apocrypha, Princess Wind and Lord Marksmen, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam 00, Gundam Universe in general.
    Oh others topic some I will rarely do. But are open too.

    Teacher X Student (up for discussion)

    Cheerleader X New Guy ( up for discussion)

    Princess X Commander

    And a few other private ideas if you opened to discuss. Please feel free to comment or message me in PMs! You can find me on discord.

    Will be updated when ideas pop in head!

    Some plot ideas.

    After your parents died. They had the Kingdom split in two. You got one half. And your sister got the other half. And she want to build a empire and become the soul emperess. And she attack all the different powerful kingdoms and got all the other Female Nekos on her side. And she attack the nation that was Neutral and help your family gain the kingdom that you and your sister had. But Victoria didn't care and enslave me and was quick to show me off as a savage captive. And she give me to you as a gift. And she show me off in a Victory March through the city. And you see a bit curl she can be. And you will enjoy having me as your savage slave for a while. When you learn about history behind me and your family and you learn more about the savage stuff that your sister done. And you want my help in getting your Kingdom back. You relized that I was to be the one you were to rule with you.

    Hope you like this idea?

    So you going to meet me at a party that one of your friends is having. And you relized that i was new to the area and school. And you took this chance to get me before the other girls have a chance. As a very popular kitty you got the name Heart Breaking Sexy Cheerleader, because of all the guys you have tryed and turned down from dating. You get me to come play the sex game with you and Alice and Mayrin and Luna. And you start to fall for my alot more.. you start feeling things you haven't felt with any of the other guys. You invite me to homecoming events witch are the Sword Art Dueling team battles. And the build your own team battle suit for the top spot event chaplains Alice give you the idea have me as your prom date. But you never expect you be also handling my PTSD and the flashback from the war. Witch was give you a challenge as a neko who loves to know my feelings.

    Hope you like?

    Other idea

    It was a about a year and a half after SAO incident. And after the ALO and GGO ones as well. And a new game was coming out that mix a bit of GGO with Swords and other thing that made the VRs great to play.

    This new game however.. was very very different for the other games. Because not only was there a skill tree. There was a Tech tree that would help you be more skilled and abilitys. This game would be more know for sexual and blood and gore. As well is the chance to get a world War going in the game. But the only way to find way to unlock different events was to get to the new areas and floors.

    But there was something new. A player was constantly dueling other players in the area. He was looking for someone. But no one know what that way. But all they know it was very important.

    Hope you like?

    Other Idea

    When a New Epic Game come out. And you want to get in agian. Because it's mix guns with sword. And there alot of different things you can do in the game. And if you want you can even get sexual. This game is said to have a major battle events through. And the goal of the game to make it to the center tower and make it the 120 floor to the Main Fort and up to the Epic Thrown room. Where you can get rare armor and equipment. Or you can become the rule over many lands. There's many different ways you can go.

    But I had just got back from the war. And I was in SAO. And I join this game just to still have that fun and testing my skills. But I never thought I fall in love with you. But because we not don't share the same DNA it's would be ok.

    Hope you like?

    Here's some other plots but haven't used them in a while.

    Idea one
    So I am the most wanted hooker / bdsm slave girl. And everyone had me on there most wanted wall. And you been seaching for me for the last 6 months. And you been working the case for 2 years. And you end up with your chance to arrest me. But you not take me to jail you going to take me to as classified 4 miles island in the middle of a 20 miles lake. Where this island is for the top hooks where you get used in porn video and live porn shows and VIP get to tell want happens and your character and freinds run this place.

    Idea 2
    Ok so you are a leader of a really strong nation and you like to go to other countries and enslave the all the most sexy girls. And soon you come across my nation who are very strong too. My nation is all very very sexy Valkyries and we are strong. And you want me as your sex slave queen. But you want to capture me in battle that is then best way to show you are strong. And it make it better when you take my city and show me off as your capture prize.

    Idea 3
    After a Great Apocalyptic event. Only the young from the ages 18 - 23 were alive and they were only futa girls and normal girls. But they didn't come together. And they broke up in to groups of schools that were futa only or normal only. They set up there own governments. And once a year for 3 days the groups were able to attack and take stuff from the other schools. And they could take equipment or the the girls as slave and sluts. To be used at other schools. And different buying and selling and stuff went on.

    idea 4
    And it's where I am a very sexy cheerleader. And you the captain of the football team. And you have had your eyes on me. For a while we went on a few dates. And then after a great game and after everyone left and it was just me and you. You will make a sexual move on me. You will handcuffs my wrists behind my back and force me out back to a one of the old school building where you will have bdsm sex with me. And you will take me and make me your sex slave.

    Kinks and Special Sexual Themes:
    Likes: Ropes, Handcuffs, Leather Cuffs and Restraints, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Vibrators, Collars, Strap-on Vibrators.

    Fantasy BDSM Crucifixion
    1 tie them to a flogging post and whip them until falls on knees.

    2 get a wooden beam that's 6 feet long. and two ropes that are 3 feet long.
    3 force them on their stomach. arms out and put the beam on them and tie down four arms.
    4 then force to walk with the beam up a hill and whip as moves to a sandy area with the post of the cross.
    5 force on the back and tie down wrist and then play with his cock and balls. Before pushing a pill vibrator in ass about 2 inches in.
    6 lift slave on to the upright beam and let her hang for a bit and then ties down ankles and let he stay up there until he cums out. three times.

    Water related kinks, scat stuff and bathroom stuff, Blood, cuttings, sharp edges, piercings, nettles, hot wax and other things. Big thing no getting character pregnant unless part of the story.

    This is all for now! Please check out my profile for other information that tab. THANKS!

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  2. CaptKiraXAlice23

    CaptKiraXAlice23 Lion of Orb 9th Legion Member

    Jul 18, 2020
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    1:46 AM
    Bumps and still looking for females to rp
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  3. Foxydemon911

    Foxydemon911 Dirty mind Member

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    12:46 AM
    I'm game for idea 2 for your last part and I also like idea 3
    but in new one rp and not good at long posts. If this is ok with you please pm me or reply to me here for I know you are game

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