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 Request Thread Rules & Helpful Tips

Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by Umbra, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Request Thread Rules

    So you wanna set up a Request Thread (a.k.a. an "RT"). Excellent! This thread is here to help you out and make the process as simple as possible. First, let's get the less fun stuff out of the way...

    Request Thread Rules

    1. One RT per member in the One on One RP forum. Each member is allowed one (1) RT Thread. This is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get their thread viewed by other members and a few exuberant individuals don't spam the forum. As all members have the ability to edit/delete their own threads, if you need to make a change to your RT you can do so easily.
    *The Group RT forum is exempt from this rule. You are allowed to post freely when searching for group roleplays as group threads typically only contain a single plot idea (you can post more if you like, of course).

    2. Respect other members' RT requests. Some roleplayers like keeping their threads free from extraneous replies and will request you do not post on their RT. If a member requests no one post on their RT, please follow their instructions. Members who do this will typically post alternative ways you can contact them about potential roleplays.

    3. Bump your thread no more than once every three days. This is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get their RT seen by other members.

    Helpful Tips

    Creating the perfect Request Thread is a delicate art. What kind of information should you add? How should you structure it? Well, in truth, it's completely up to you! How much or little you want to invest in your RT is your choice. These are just a few tips and suggestions to help you craft an effective and attractive RT.

    1. Use prefixes. Prefixes are those colorful "tags" you can add to your thread title. Using prefixes is critical if you want members to easily find your RT. Prefixes quickly allow others to know your pairing, genre, and gender preferences. When looking at a forum, members can also filter threads by prefixes, which further helps narrow down RT options and puts your RT right at the top of the list.

    2. Specify what pairings, genres, and gender(s) you prefer to play. Although you can do this easily with prefixes, it's also a great idea to ensure this information is available in your thread. Other roleplayers can look at this information and judge whether you'd be compatible writing partners.

    3. Make a list of your likes and dislikes. This list can be RP-related or partner-related. For instance, do you prefer to RP with writers of a certain age or level of experience? Do you love spontaneous partners or prefer working with someone who outlines every plot advance?​

    4. Specify typical reply length and time. Do you write 5+ paragraphs when you roleplay or do you prefer one-liners? Do you reply within the hour or does it take you about a week? This information will further help other roleplayers to decide whether you're the perfect partner.

    5. Post plot ideas you are currently kicking around. Although this isn't mandatory, sometimes it's incredibly helpful when a roleplayer posts potential plot ideas. One of your ideas may spark inspiration in another writer, allowing you both to build and develop the idea into something magical.
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