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 Sci-Fi  Action/Adventure  Romance  Open  Group  Seeking Any Rekindled War

Discussion in 'OOC Roleplay Discussion & Planning' started by Siryn, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Siryn

    Siryn New Member Member

    Nov 8, 2019
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    4:39 AM

    To begin, this RP has been influenced by many Mecha Anime's including the Gundam Franchise :) However, the story is, on its own, an original idea.

    The Earth has enjoyed peace for many decades. The year is 2220. Advanced technology allows for a wide range of things that may seem almost unimaginable. Mankind has grown so large that the only alternative to hospitality was to advance into space and colonize some of the nearest planets. There are in total six colonized planets, all of which able to harbor human life due to the advanced technology given to them. In addition, there are three major factions that control the Earth and the colonized planets.

    Though all three factions are under a treaty with each other, it is a tenuous treaty. The smallest of the three factions was defeated in the last major war many years ago when the factions were first founded. Humiliated by the overwhelming loss, they don't plan to sit quietly for much longer.

    However, it would seem that fate has different plans for the factions. During an excavation/research sortie, it is discovered that there is a different kind of life out in the dark expanse of space. These sentient beings are a kind of metal never before seen or categorized. The first interaction with this race showed the metal-like shapeshifters to be of high intelligence and mellow nature.

    It seemed that, at first, the relationship would go well. The metal beings, deemed Iadri, kept to themselves content with inhabiting a lonely planet many leagues from any human interaction. The planet they manifested gave them enough resources for their metal substances in order to sustain their life. Even so, as fate would have it, the smallest nation would start a war that could end all life on the planets that the humans had inhabited. By their greed and drive for redemption, they did the unthinkable. Tricking the Iadri, they managed to subdue large samples of the metal and with the technology available to them; forced the Iadri into one single shape. metal plating that would cover a large handful of mecha's and prove to be a devastating force against the other nations.

    These new mechs were now capable of insane amounts of power, both from the advanced technology and the Iadri's intelligence and abilities. The first attack was a success, but this was just the start. The new system that was implanted into the Iadri to keep their shape in one state, had flaws. It corrupted the entire race. Without realizing, the program that subdued the first large squadron of new mechs spread to the entire Iadri population. Now with a dangerous and unknown program running through them, the Iadri are programmed to kill anything on sight and have mobilized, reflecting the mechas created by the nations. The only difference is that they are three times more powerful than any human-piloted mech.​

    A very small team infiltrated the smaller nations ranks with the intent of stealing an Iadri plated mech. Their plan is to implement a new neutralizing program to combat the one that was previously built into sentient beings. So far, no programs have been made to perfect the system or find out how to get it to spread through the population. This is also hindered by the fact that the other two nations have no idea as to what program or system the smaller nation used to start such a process in the first place.

    After their successful infiltration, a woman named Cecil manages to rise in the ranks of the enemy nation. After five long years, Cecil is ready to snag the mecha that's been awarded to her, equipped with an Iadri sentience. It's time to pull off the impossible; steal the mecha and rendezvous with the combat vessel awaiting her arrival in nuetral airspace.​

    Drastonia: One of the larger powers. They have a very large army of mechs and vessels. The vessel of importance is the Nightengale. This is a large, sleek black ship capable of aerial combat, entering and exiting atmospheres (like all the other vessels) and underwater travel/combat. The mech team of importance consists of four specialized pilots, each with their own personal mech. Drastonia controls most of the eastern hemisphere as well as three major colonized planets in the solar system.

    Orvanti: The second-largest power. Like Drastonia, they also have a very large army. They and Drastonia are allies and always have been. The Vessel of importance is the Viper. It is a smaller ship than the Nightengale, though it is still fast. The Viper is more heavily built and meant to be the 'tank' in any fight. It is a solid gray color equipped with heavier artillery than the Nightengale. Onboard, she houses a small team of four ace pilots. Orvanti controls half of the western hemisphere and two colonies.

    Kiritine: The smallest nation who was beaten in the last major war many years ago. They were, in fact, the reason for the start of the war. Now they are hell-bent on redemption. Their vessel of importance is the Vigilanti. It is a brilliant red, beast of a vessel that is slow in nature, but a hell of an opponent due to its massive firepower and thick metal plating. The team on this ship are ruthless and just as powerful as the vessel they fly with. This team of pilots consists of four highly trained and specialized people. Kiritine holds power over the lower half of the western hemisphere and one colony.​

    Note: Pilots are the only playable characters. Everyone else is an NPC to help keep things from getting too convoluted/crazy. This story is going to be driven by the pilots anyway, so there's no point to having an excess of characters. The NPC's are there only for certain plot points and to help move us along. Your characters are the key points to the story as their reactions to different scenarios will be very important. I have a character in each nation for better plot direction. However, if the four pilots are not met, the teams will be dropped to three and I will remove my pilot from the Kiritine nation.

    Team Lead Pilot:
    Pilot 2: Cecil Jiovia ~ Siryn
    Pilot 3 (Cecil's Brother):
    Pilot 4:

    Team Lead Pilot 1: Iriyn Koatyn ~ played by Qaida
    Pilot 2:
    Pilot 3:
    Pilot 4:


    Team Lead Pilot 1:
    Pilot 2:
    Pilot 3:
    Pilot 4: Riley Kalsheed ~ played by Qaida

    Faction: (Drastonia, Orvanti, Kiritine)
    Mecha: (Describe and provide details of the mechs main abilities I.E sniper, sword user, hand guns, cannons, shape shifting ability (meaning from humanoid form to plane form *will only allow three total including my own*)
    Skills Outside the mech
    Weaknesses: (both in Mech and Outside)
    [center][img]Character image [/img][/center]
    [center][img]Fontmeme.com Character Name[/img][/center]
    [center]|| Age | Nation | Sexuality(optional) ||[/center]
    [img] Mecha image[/img]
    Description of Mecha: Provide details of the mechs abilities
    [img]Fontmeme.com Skills outside the Mecha[/img]
    Skills outside the mecha description:
    [img]Fontmeme.com Weaknesses[/img]
    Weaknesses description both outside and in the mech:
    [img]Fontmeme.com Personality[/img]
    Personality description:
    [img]Fontmeme.com History[/img]
    History description:
    1) No God Modding (please ^.^)
    2) Posts should be CLEAR and legible. Use the character names often, especially during fights. It doesn't matter if they don't know each other at all. For the sake of clarity (as well as everyone's sanity) use the names of the pilot(s) you're fighting against. ^.^
    3)Please allow all other players to post before you post again (with the exception of too much time passing, then I will move us forward.)
    4)Most importantly! Have fun :)
  2. A Knee

    A Knee "We're all trying to forget someone" Assistant

    Feb 7, 2020
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    5:39 AM
    (Still open?)

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