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 Sci-Fi  Science-Fantasy  Open  Group Nirvana Lost

Discussion in 'OOC Roleplay Discussion & Planning' started by Sunshine Kitti, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Sunshine Kitti

    Sunshine Kitti Every light casts a shadow Member

    Jul 17, 2019
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    Your Chariot Awaits...

    GEMINI is a luxury starliner in transit to the colony Terion-3 in the Capsulon Galaxy. It is essentially a moving city that is traversing the stars, transporting beings from all walks of life to what is promised to be their Nirvana: a colony where anyone can live and live freely. This is the GEMINI’s 3rd voyage, stopping on multiple planets to pick up as many passengers who can afford to go before setting out across deep space.

    Aboard GEMINI, society is thriving under Terion-3’s laws to allow aspiring citizens to become acclimated to their new lifestyle. There are sectors dedicated to different terrains for the comfort of all of their passengers, educational centers for those who desire to expand their knowledge and learn more about their new home, and generally anything a passenger would need for a two year long trip across the galaxy.

    ☆ Site TOS Apply
    ☆ Classic RP Rules: No God-Modding, No Power-Playing, Rules of Improv Apply.
    ○ God-Modding: Your character is not perfect, nor are they immortal.
    ○ Power-Playing: You are only in control of your character and their reactions.
    ○ Rules of Improv: What has been written is and will be, so continue the story.
    ☆ You may play an alien character, as long as they are an intelligent species and able to communicate!

    Drop a Character profile here with the following information:​

    Name || Age || Planet of Origin || Species || Physiology (If Alien) || Occupation || Brief History
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