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 MxF Never Ending Love {SpicyTuna x Panda}

Discussion in 'Roleplay Haven' started by Panda, Jun 29, 2020 at 7:04 PM.

  1. Panda

    Panda Queen Member

    Jun 12, 2020
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    7:18 AM
    Katarina Wildess was an immortal witch, lost and alone in her own world. She ran a traveling caravan for magic spells and items. Life had become somewhat meaningless for Katarina after her lover had passed. She hadn't been able to save him, no matter how hard she had tried. Since then, life was boring. She dealt darker magic than before, things with consequences for those that sought things for themselves. It was the only pleasure she got lately.

    Today, however, Katarina was out in the dark market looking for something new. It was technically illegal, but she didn't really care. Whether it was dark magic someone was looking for, familars, anything could be found there. Kat liked to find cursed things to resell to unsuspecting humans who just wanted magic for their own personal gains, but they came with consequences. Like a cologne that made women want a man, but also made him unable to get it up. Of course, Kat could never be found once the side effects began.

    Katarina browsed for a while, deciding she should look for a familar that would be a bit like a protector to her. She went through a few different vendors, but most had the usual options. A rabbit, a housecat, various birds... Nothing that would scare people off if they tried to hurt her. Not that she couldn't use her magic to protect her, she just liked having a backup, in case she got busy with some human male and someone tried to steal from her home, her caravan.

    It was a few hours until Kat finally found a gorgeous strawberry tiger, and began to bargain for it.
  2. Spicytuna

    Spicytuna Trash cat Member

    Jun 11, 2020
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    8:18 AM
    Sitting at the edge of a row stalls was a tented stall with a women at the front,her delicate arms hanging over the edge of the wooden table. The woman herself is rather thin with dark ringlets of hair and dressed in velvet robes. The stall itself had a variety of things on display and lining shelves along with a few cages. In the form of a tiger,Cedric laid across the end of the carpet with his paws stretched out with a huff. He yawned and rested his chin on his forelegs. He didn't have the energy to try and fight anymore. It was certainly pointless with the collar and chains around his neck. If they had been normal chains then Cedric could have easily broke free however, they had been imbued with a particular magic.

    Cedric's ears then suddenly pricked up upon hearing a voice aside from the woman's own. He lifted his head slowly,opening his ruby colored eyes. Standing there was a rather beautiful witch with hair like cinnamon in curls cascading down her shoulders. Upon listening to the conversation he could hear what they were saying. After the exchange of money and some papers,the woman running things then turned around. "Cedric is all yours,just place your hand on his head and use the spell. What I mean is, it might be best if you contract him now compared to later. Not sure if you can tell but he's a demon,powerful one at that. " she told katarina with a smirk on her pale lips and ran her fingers across the fur of the tiger's neck,gripping the collar.

    Cedric stifled his urge to growl knowing well enough it would do him no good to react. His fluffy fur bristled up a bit as his tail flicked side to side quicker now to show his irritation. If he had it his way he wouldn't even be in this position. The other woman however, he didn't hold any distaste for and if anything held a odd familiarity. He felt like he recognized her scent yet it wasn't anything he ever smelled before in his lifetime. She was a stranger and he had no idea if her buying him would be a blessing or a curse, yet he couldn't help but to feel like his chances with Katarina would be better than sticking around here.


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