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Discussion in 'Character Marketplace' started by ShortStackOfRP, Jul 4, 2021.

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    May 26, 2021
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    Hello, beautiful human beings! I hope you had a wonderful day, and welcome to my catalog for chatacters I really crave to use. I'm Kass, any pronouns. But first off, before you reply or pm me, I have a few rules. One, all umbra rules apply (exp. Underage abuse, necrophilia, ect ect.) Two, I love plot based stories with smut in there, all my stories have varying degrees of it however. Please give me at least a paragraph, as I will be giving more. I also need to able to read what you wrote, so proper grammar is a must. And also, OOC talk is my number 1 rule that has to be done. We will plan, talk about our feelings, share other characters, world build, this is NEEDED. Anyways, thats all. My f-list is at the bottom, and anything on the No list is a hard refusual. Also, I will be adding all the time.

    Full Name: Gaine Austin Campbell The Second. (Prefers Austin.)
    Gender/Orrenation: Cis Male, bisexual. Prefers women, but open to men.
    Age, birthday, sign: 24, October 3, Libra.
    Looks: A 6'3 lean male, with dirty blonde long hair. His skin is tanned and freckled from the sun, and he has the most winning smile. His most defining feature is his eyes however. Gem like patterns, green like you haven't seen. He usually wears the white Royal Guard uniform. A cream coloured suit, a longsword with the emblem of the king, with a purple badge meaning he is assigned to the Princess along with two other males. If not in uniform, Austin prefers to dress lavishly.
    Personality types: Humorous, Witty, Respectable. In bed: Dom, top/power bottom.
    Biography: Raised from a long line of nobles, rich fellows. Hearts full of pride and pockets full of gold. Austin was a little different. Ever since he was a lad, he wished he was a knight. Fighting evil, protecting the king, ect ect. His family thought it was no job for a boy like him, so Austin waited until he was 18 and joined the Guard. He moved through the ranks swiftly, until Austin served the Princess. Now dishonored, and a tiny crush on the Princess, he has to navigate the world on his own. Faceclaim (Just in case discription isn't enough.) : _ (10).jpeg

    Full name: Odette Clara Mitchael (Etta)
    Age: 25
    Personality: Witty, Humorous, Demanding.
    Likes: Fancy clothes, wine, cheesy movies.
    Dislikes: Unsweet tea, stuck up people, horror books/movies, basic things (she prefers eextravagance)
    Bio: Rags to riches esque story, she grew up in the "back alley" as it was called. Her only relative being her father (a black market body mod dealer), she was lonely. Not a lot of children in the black market, unless you count the darker side of things. When she was 16, she discovered her father wasn't really her father at all, she was adopted. This changed nothing for her.
    As Etta grew, she learned how to open doors with a smile and wink. And this, opened to more possiblities. She decided to marry rich, get herself out of this place. Thats when she met Gene Greyland, a fancy smancy body mod company owner. Very lux (modern slang for luxurious). Things were fine, for a bit. They dated, she despised him, the usual. When he finally proposed, she screamed yes. Bathed in riches, she had it all.
    Except love.
    All Etta felt was cold hatred for her husband. Which worsened as he grew colder himself. Finally, in a fit of rage, he punched her lights out. Last straw for Odette, and she...well she killed him. Two bullets. Through the forehead and chest, close range.
    She flead to Thailand, using his cash to live the high life. One problem, his mother just knew it was her who killed Gene, no matter what the police said. She hired a bounty, and Etta now lives on the edge.


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