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 Lost Identity: Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Character Catalogs' started by RockmanDasher, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. RockmanDasher

    RockmanDasher Blue Knight Member

    Jun 22, 2021
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    1:17 PM
    Lost Identity: Character Profiles
    In this thread, those that have joined my RP~ Lost Identity may post their character. As the RP continues you will be required to edit your character information to match the current statistics, new skills/talents gained, new items, weapons, and gear. I will DM you if it needs to be done, If you are constantly switching your gear we may just choose to remember the change instead.

    Yes, I know, stats make things complicated. I think we can make it work, but it may be more challenging than expected.

    Skills/Tools Proficiency:
    Level: 1
    Hit Points:

    Level: Each character will start at level 1, but as the thread goes on they will level up and gain more Hit Points(based on your Constitution and Class) as well as more stat points for the other stats.
    Hit Points: Your hit points if this number goes to zero you are knocked unconscious, and further damage will lead to your character death.
    Strength: Strength measures bodily power, athletic training, and the extent to which you can exert raw physical force. Melee weapons uses this.
    Dexterity: Dexterity measures agility, reflexes, and balance. Ranged Weapons uses this.
    Constitution: Constitution measures health, stamina, and vital force.
    Wisdom: Wisdom reflects how attuned you are to the world around you and represents perceptiveness and intuition.
    Intelligence: Intelligence measures mental acuity, accuracy of recall, and the ability to reason. Magic uses this.
    Charisma: Charisma measures your ability to interact effectively with others. It includes such factors as confidence and eloquence, and it can represent a charming or commanding personality.

    For the purpose of our characters stats, We shall allocate stats instead of rolling for it. Hitpoints is your Constitution plus 5 per level. You start with 15 points for all your stats with each stat already possessing 1 point totaling a max of 21 points those points included, for those that know DnD, I'm just using modifiers instead of full stat numbers to make it easier. No stat can go over 5, for now. Below is an example of stat allocation:

    Level: 1
    Hit Points: 5 + 5 = 10
    Strength: 1 + 4 = 5
    Dexterity: 1 + 1 = 2
    Constitution: 1 + 4 = 5
    Wisdom: 1 + 1 = 2
    Intelligence: 1 + 1 = 2
    Charisma: 1 + 4 = 5

    Skills relate to challenges in the world, Proficiency grants you a bonus to the related action. You may choose 5 from among the following list. Each stat applies to the skill as shown by the bracketed stat, the skills total is the stat plus your Proficiency bonus>>


    Sleight of Hand(Dexterity)


    Animal Handling(Wisdom)


    Skill Description
    Acrobatics covers your attempt to stay on your feet in a tricky situation, such as when you’re trying to run across a sheet of ice, balance on a tightrope, or stay upright on a rocking ship’s deck. You can perform acrobatic stunts, including dives, rolls, somersaults, and flips.
    Animal Handling.
    When there is any question whether you can calm down a domesticated animal, keep a mount from getting spooked, or intuit an animal’s intentions. Used to control your mount when you attempt a risky maneuver.
    Arcana measures your ability to recall lore about spells, magic items, eldritch symbols, magical traditions, the planes of existence, and the inhabitants of those planes.
    Athletics covers difficult situations you encounter while climbing, jumping, or swimming. Examples include the following activities: • You attempt to climb a sheer or slippery cliff, avoid hazards while scaling a wall, or cling to a surface while something is trying to knock you off.
    You try to jump an unusually long distance or pull off a stunt midjump.
    You struggle to swim or stay afloat in treacherous currents, storm-tossed waves, or areas of thick seaweed. Or another creature tries to push or pull you underwater or otherwise interfere with your swimming.
    Deception lets you convincingly hide the truth, either verbally or through your actions. This deception can encompass everything from misleading others through ambiguity to telling outright lies. Typical situations include trying to fasttalk a guard, con a merchant, earn money through gambling, pass yourself off in a disguise, dull someone’s suspicions with false assurances, or maintain a straight face while telling a blatant lie.
    History is your ability to recall lore about historical events, legendary people, ancient kingdoms, past disputes, recent wars, and lost civilizations.
    Insight is the ability to determine the true intentions of a creature, such as when searching out a lie or predicting someone’s next move. Doing so involves gleaning clues from body language, speech habits, and changes in mannerisms.
    When you attempt to influence someone through overt threats, hostile actions, and physical violence. Examples include trying to pry information out of a prisoner, convincing street thugs to back down from a confrontation, or using the edge of a broken bottle to convince a sneering vizier to reconsider a decision.
    When you look around for clues and make deductions based on those clues, you make an Investigation check. You might deduce the location of a hidden object, discern from the appearance of a wound what kind of weapon dealt it, or determine the weakest point in a tunnel that could cause it to collapse. Poring through ancient scrolls in search of a hidden fragment of knowledge might also call for an Intelligence Investigation check.
    Medicine lets you try to stabilize a dying companion or diagnose an illness. Can treat injuries and perform surgeries with the right tools and medicines. Knowledge of medicine can be used to make medicine if you have the correct ingredients.
    Nature measures your ability to recall lore about terrain, plants and animals, the weather, and natural cycles.
    Your Perception lets you spot, hear, or otherwise detect the presence of something. It measures your general awareness of your surroundings and the keenness of your senses. For example, you might try to hear a conversation through a closed door, eavesdrop under an open window, or hear monsters moving stealthily in the forest. Or you might try to spot things that are obscured or easy to miss, whether they are orcs lying in ambush on a road, thugs hiding in the shadows of an alley, or candlelight under a closed secret door.
    Performance determines how well you can delight an audience with music, dance, acting, storytelling, or some other form of entertainment.
    When you attempt to influence someone or a group of people with tact, social graces, or good nature. Typically, you use persuasion when acting in good faith, to foster friendships, make cordial requests, or exhibit proper etiquette. Examples of persuading others include convincing a chamberlain to let your party see the king, negotiating peace between warring tribes, or inspiring a crowd of townsfolk.
    Religion measures your ability to recall lore about deities, rites and prayers, religious hierarchies, holy symbols, and the practices of secret cults.
    Sleight of Hand.
    Whenever you attempt an act of legerdemain or manual trickery, such as planting something on someone else or concealing an object on your person. You can lift a coin purse off another person or slip something out of another person’s pocket.
    You attempt to conceal yourself from enemies, slink past guards, slip away without being noticed, or sneak up on someone without being seen or heard.
    You can follow tracks, hunt wild game, guide your group through frozen wastelands, identify signs that owlbears live nearby, predict the weather, or avoid quicksand and other natural hazards.
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  2. RockmanDasher

    RockmanDasher Blue Knight Member

    Jun 22, 2021
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    1:17 PM
    Name: Leo Chromwell
    Age: 25
    DOB: 26th of September, 1995
    Occupation: Bouncer/Security
    Sexuality: Straight
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 196 ibs
    Appearance: A toned, strong man whose muscular structure pushes against his clothes, the definition of his broad hairy chest and strong back even visible under his clothes. His legs and arms are well defined with toned muscle, all the way up to his tight strong butt cheeks, and hardened abs.

    His deep red hair flows nearly unkempt with long pony tail going down his back. Has redish brown eyes almost seems unnatural, his eye brows are however just brown.
    Personality: A serious man, but will sometimes throw out jokes at the wrong time. Has no qualms with getting physical if the need arises, will also tend towards challenging his fears. Has a secret love on fantasy stories of knights, swords, and shields. Enjoys training his body, going for runs on the beach, spicy food, action movies and the occasional video game.
    Background: Leo was always a little bit different than his peers, challenging authority and rules that didn't seem justified, this caused him to get arrested and punished for his lack of control. If someone told him that there was only one way to do something, he immediately attempted it in a different way to prove them wrong or as a result prove himself wrong; either way he was satisfied.

    His parents grew angry with his constant attempts at changing the staus quo that they soon disowned him, he has not spoken to them since he was 18. Realizing the truth of the world was manipulation, using money and power, he made a constant effort to build himself up so that he wouldn't be manipulated himself but to no avail as even he knew his desires were unrealistic. He still ended up working as a bouncer at a night club, never truly achieving his dreams of fixing the issues of the world. Eventually however he would snap and beat up his boss, thrown in a jail cell for his deed, he closes his eyes ready to do his sentence only to find that he was no longer in the same place, but a stone-bricked dungeon with his arms chained to a wall...
    Class: None
    Equipment/Gear: A loose-fitted red shirt, blue jean pants with a white leather belt, a white pair of socks, black laced boots, and a pair of orange boxers. A pocket knife.
    Skills/Tools Proficiency: Intimidation(Charisma), Athletics(Strength), Insight(Wisdom), Perception(Wisdom), Persuasion(Charisma)
    Talents: None
    Level: 1
    Hit Points: 9 / 9 HP
    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 2
    Constitution: 4
    Wisdom: 3
    Intelligence: 3
    Charisma: 4
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  3. ~MetalAngel444~

    ~MetalAngel444~ Orchestrator of your Heart Strings~ Member

    Jul 16, 2021
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    10:17 AM
    Name: Roxanne Murray
    Age: 24
    DOB: December 24th, 1996
    Occupation: Barista/Medical Student
    Sexuality: Bi-curious
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Appearance: Semi-long black hair, usually worn up in a loose ponytail. Eyes are a deep navy. Busty and tall, she resembles an Amazon warrior. Sleek, hourglass figure with minimal maintenance. At school; she wears professional attire with white overcoat since she studies in medical labs. At work, she wears black slacks and a green apron. Bands and hair tails cover each wrist. She prefers to wear wedges over heels, despite her height. Often finding it hard to find clothes that fit her strange figure.
    [​IMG] ecaf92b6c7d2d829cfee32550fbbaed0--gothic-anime-girl-anime-girl-hot.jpg

    Personality: Often the quiet observer, she finds herself being teased by her peers and meets every hurtful word with kindness and understanding. She's not quick to temper and keeps a cool head under duress. Likes to address conflict with thoughtful consideration. Has a keen instinct with people she meets.

    Background: Childhood was rough, every other kid thought it was cool to tease her about her height. When puberty hit, she busted both ends of her clothes, nothing ever fit! She also discovered her newfound disgust of boys, they are her least favorite animal: pigs. As she aged, her skin thickened and she simply ignores all the "babe calls" and whistles. In her teens, she learned some martial arts so that she didn't have to relay on her brothers.
    The youngest of five. She has 4 older brothers and all them went into the Service. One a Marine, another Army, third Airforce, and the forth the Navy. All with government help, they finished their degrees, leaving their little sister all the parental help to put her through medical school.
    Having been preyed on multiple times, she carries a pocket knife and keeps a small firearm in her car and home.
    Being a social introvert, she spends her nights after homework reading novels. She amassed quite a collection and displays them proudly through her condo. She has minimal time for other people and drama and she likes it that way.
    However, released from work and heading home, she realizes she's being followed. She rushes to her door, gun tucked at the ready in her purse. She opens the door and finds her house has become a brick hallway lite only be torchlight. She turns back in terror and the door has disappeared. She's stuck with only two directions: right or left.

    Class: None

    Equipment/Gear: Green apron, black slacks and button up shirt, hair ties, bracelets, laced wedge boots, woven belt, gun, purse, knife, medical kit, pencil, mini-notepad, wallet, keys, lipbalm, chewing gum.

    Skills/Tools Proficiency:


    Level: 1
    Hit Points: 7 / 7 HP
    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3
    Constitution: 3

    Wisdom: 5
    Intelligence: 4
    Charisma: 4
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2021

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