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 Information collection - Ahoy!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rei, Jul 31, 2020.


Would you prefer game night to occur via Discord or Twitch?

Poll closed Friday at 11:09 PM.
  1. Discord

    12 vote(s)
  2. Twitch

    3 vote(s)
  1. Rei

    Rei Emotional Support Frog Moderator

    Aug 11, 2019
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    12:43 AM
    Hey there y'all! It's Rei - your local emotional support frog and smile faerie!

    I hope you're doing absolutely wonderful right now. I know times are kind of hectic and it's because of that concern that I wanted to start putting together some kind of routine event for us to all enjoy together.

    So~! With that in mind - I have two little surveys I'd love for you to fill out.

    I'm going to be hosting a bi-monthly Game Night via our site's discord (or twitch - whatever is easier for everyone). I'd like you to let me know what days and times work best for you - please complete this little survey for me to let me know when I could host this bad boy -

    Game Night Survey!

    Additionally - I'm going to also be putting together a book club! This is something that can be a bit more asynchronous, so I'm not as worried about times - what I am worried about is what y'all like to read! We will be aiming for one book a month and I will make some efforts to make sure there's a digital copy of the books we cover for everyone to get access to.

    To learn about what types of things y'all enjoy reading - please hop on in and complete this little survey for me as well -

    Book Survey.

    I'd like it if you could complete these for me by next Friday (August 7th) - I can start getting together what we need to have these wonderful adventures! If you have any questions - let me know! You know how to reach me!

    Y'all are awesome and I look forward to our fun times together!

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2020
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  2. Nyctibius

    Nyctibius Militant Owl Admin Administrator

    Jun 12, 2019
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    9:43 PM

    Hey y'all! Make sure you participate in these surveys. We got good stuff coming your way.
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