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 Image Rules

Discussion in 'Site Rules' started by Umbra, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. Umbra

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    Jun 12, 2019
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    Umbra Roleplaying Image Rules

    Please read over and adhere to these rules. If you have a question about something, contact a staff member for clarification. Please note: staff maintains the right to remove any avatar, profile cover, signature or any other user-uploaded image without warning if it violates our rules. We would prefer not to do that, for the record. If your signature, avatar, profile cover, or any other user-uploaded image is removed by staff we will send you a follow-up PM explaining why your image was removed.

    1. Avatars, signature images and profile covers must be kept “appropriate” at all times. Umbra Roleplaying allows a tasteful level of nudity. We define “tasteful nudity” as any image in which partial nudity is present in the image but is not the primary focus. Exposed breasts and buttocks are acceptable. Exposed penises or vulvas, images distinctly showing the outline of genitalia through clothes or another covering, and/or penetration of any kind is not permitted. (This includes implied penetration where technically the genitals are not seen but it is clear oral, vaginal, and/or anal penetration is occurring.)​

    2. “Tasteful nudity” (as defined above) is allowed to be posted in forums but must be contained behind a spoiler and marked as “Mature”. Images containing any level of nudity are not to be posted in forums unless they are behind a spoiler. If you are unsure if an image is suitable for our forums, or if you do not know how to create a spoiler, please ask a staff member.​

    3. Signature images larger than 300px in height and 600px in width must be put behind a spoiler. Large images use up a significant amount of site resources and slow down the site for everyone. Please be respectful of your fellow users and keep signatures to a reasonable size.​

    4. Only 1 image allowed per signature.

    5. Images larger than 600px in height and 600px in width posted in forums must be put behind a spoiler.

    6. No linking to pornographic sites or content of any kind.
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