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 MxF  Fantasy  Science-Fantasy  Erotic  Comedy  Supernatural  Fandom  Seeking Female Characters I request rp please rp with me~

Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by Multifacated, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Multifacated

    Multifacated New Member Member

    Feb 20, 2021
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    11:02 AM
    Occulus's Re-Rifted (Long Term, OC x Canon plot)
    A young tester for the occulus rift team is tasked with testing out the product. Its been equipped with a new system that allows players to dive into very story driven or not games, well being the lonely young man he is. He takes the chance to use the Occulus to finally flirt and play with his favorite game girls.
    Insert a Game, who will you be?
    Accepted games currently
    Street Fighter
    Dead or Alive
    Fire Emblem.
    DC - Small Justice Plot
    Basicly the idea is that the male super hero's after messing with the wrong villain get flung into a Space Time Continuum leaving earth's fate in the hands of Earth's Heroine's and a new super lad named Shrink, he's cowardly perverted and he always has a sarcastic line waiting to be used. He enjoys abusing his powers to shrink down to the size of a hair follicle and roam around the bodies of some of the beautiful DC girls while Batman and SuperMan are out of the Justice League satalite.

    I favor Power Girl, Wonder Woman, and Huntress for the favorite girls.
    Dead or Alive Paradise Craving
    I am looking to play my OC Kotetsu a rough tough biker gang leader with the ancestry of Warlords, his rough exterior is also brought on by his insatiable almost wolf like personality, he gets invited to New New Zach Island along with the many beauties from the Dead or Alive tournaments. The 28 year old is going to have one hell of a Summer.
    Street Fighter, The worlds strongest mother and son. <Current Craving
    Due to a shadloo experiment the time line of the world has caused descendants of the world warriors to appear within the present. During a heist break up, Chun-Li receives back up from her future son Yujin-Li a fighter who uses Chun-li's own style with his own flare is tasked after wards to be Chun-Li's new partner in fighting crime, during the story mother and son will bond. (incest rp)

    Idea 1.2
    I'm looking for an rp involving a guy winning a contest through an anime magazine and getting a grand prize to have three anime babes to move in with him
    The anime girls can be
    Orihime, Hinata, Nami
    Rangiku, Tsunade, Robin
    or Moka, Musube, and Erza
    If interested do let me know the rp will likely be a thread or PM rp
    Sexy Anime/Game Girl Fitness Club.
    The Anime Gaming world is full of naughty sexy girls who I'd really love to invite into my Gym and have them worked out nice and fitly, interesting fucks include Squat fucking, push up fucks, Jogging fucking, Vibrator bikes and more.

    Turn ons
    Curvy Female characters
    Good Communication
    Anime Images
    High Class and Hard to get women
    Lack of player communication
    Overly Skinny girls
    playing as a parent
    blood and gore
    Less then a paragraph per post
    Pairings (Me - you)
    man x harem of milf (4 girls)
    Oc x harem of final fantasy girls (3 girls)
    Modern guy x Fantasy World girls (5 girls)
    Young man x sexy neighbor (1 girl)
    boy x childhood friend (1 girl)
    boy x harem of princesses ( 3 girls)
    Normal Man x League of Super Heroines (5)
    Dark Souls
    The hero has bested many trials now all thats left is to claim the Lord Vessel, or maybe climb the twin peaks of the gloriously voluptuous Giant Princess of Sunlight Gwynever. Or perhaps after risking the journey through the painted world the hero manages to find Crossbreed Percilla ashamed of her heritage of dragon and human maybe, but perhaps even she can be taken, after all she is more then 80% human looking, might be fun, or perhaps, the Emerald Herald is your quarry, either way, the beautiful women of dark souls are ready to be fucked by the chosen undead, all he has to do is survive the journey.

    Idea 2 - Dead or Alive Paradise Heaven.
    The Setting is new Zach Island were all the lovely ladies of the dead or alive series of games are invite to hang out and relax on a luxurious beach side resort. Thus 1 lucky man has also been invited to the island, The rp will have a setting much like a visual novel with dating sim elements involving the protagonist, -whose look you get to choose- getting to meet and possibly romance 1 of the many lovely ladies of the dead or alive series,
    To play this scenario pick which girl you want to play as you can switch or play multiple, also a description of how you want me -namely the protagonist- to look and what you want his personality to be, PM with questions or if you wish to play.

    Plot 2.1- Dead or Alive, Ninja Dating
    The plot involves Toshio Keza Being accepted to the newly constructed school for ninjas, During his daily routine one day he is caught in the middle of a fight between Kasumi and Ayane resulting in him gettng hurt, After his recovery He is tasked by the head master to help stop their constant fighting, by taking the two feuding ninja beauties on pre planned double dates.
    Animes I would love to do
    One Piece
    Soul Calibur
    Street Fighter
    Final Fantasy
    Totally Spies
    Jessica Rabbit (Winks)
    ((*= Interested))
    Canon Characters x Oc Pairings
    Harem x Oc ******
    Tsunade and Mizukage x Oc**
    Hinata x Oc*
    One Piece
    Harem x Oc**
    Nami x Oc*
    Robin and Nami x OC***
    Harem x OC******
    Rangiku and Halibel x OC****
    Orihime x Oc*
    Team Rwby and Glynda x OC*******
    Soul Calibur
    Harem x OC******
    Ivy and Sophitia x OC***
    Taki and Cassandra x OC and OC*****
    Pyrrah and Xingua x Oc*
    ((want a pairing bring it to me))
    Harem x OC****
    Nina and Anna x OC*
    Street Fighter
    Harem x OC -********
    ((all Street Girls accepted))
    Chun-Li and Cammy x OC
    Sakura and Ibuki x OC
    Rainbow Mika and Poison x OC*****
    Final Fantasy
    Harem x OC*******
    All main Heroines x OC
    Tifa and Yuna x OC
    Rikku and Yuffie x OC
    Mai Shiranui x OC**

    Harem x OC*****
    Makoto x OC
  2. Multifacated

    Multifacated New Member Member

    Feb 20, 2021
    Likes Received:
    Local Time:
    11:02 AM
    Nier Gestalt/Replicant x Nier Automata Crossover

    Looking to see what happens when Yorha encounters the Gestalt and Replicant Project Protagonists

    Preference for Papa Nier till Replicant comes out.

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