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 Sci-Fi  Fantasy  Science-Fantasy  Action/Adventure  Non-Erotic  Supernatural  Horror  Open  Group  Seeking Any HELP WANTED: Sorceress in Need

Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by Novelladonna, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Novelladonna

    Novelladonna New Member Member

    Oct 15, 2019
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    3:56 AM
    Eldritch Demons!

    Gotta hate 'em, right? I know I do. They're...uh...they're pretty nasty, you know? Just--Everything about them is pretty despicable when you think about it. The way that they just hog an entire dimension to themselves instead of sharing, the unfathomable power they have in them just by blinking? And don't even get me started on their looks! It's so stupid--They can just go: BLEGH!

    And it literally liquifies your brain in seconds. Like I said, Eldritch demons suck. Their energy filled dimensions are cool though.

    Oh, right. That reminds me of my dilemma! I'm a sorceress you see...well, sorceress in training if you wanna be technical--but anyway, I'm only temporarily serving under my master who trains me in all things magic! And I know he told me it was forbidden to mess with anything related to Chta the Undying, but I just needed to siphon a teensy, weensy bit of his dimension's energy for my Scepter (because who wouldn't want a staff with immortal power?)! Plus, I only opened the portal for like...what, three...I think, four seconds to get the energy. How was I supposed to know Chta instantly catches onto your location?

    ...but, uh...Long story short: My Master and perhaps one third of the kingdom of Nivea is now living under a sea of Lovecraftian Ink. Said Ink, according to the tales of Chta, is going to spread until the entire planet is nothing but blackness. I think it's supposed to spread to other planets from there, but I don't recall. It's hard to remember anything when you're running for your life and hyperventilating like me. Oh, I did some research in the Libraries of the Great Oer, and it turns out that there IS a way to fix everything! In the Sorna Forest just west of Arbre lies a Mace predating the existing of the universe, having once belonged to a Demon killing badass--pardon my language. Legend says whoever wields it controls time itself, able to reverse even the worst of events--such as death or a certain evil Eldritch ink blob.

    That's where you come in!

    Not to be creepy or anything, but I've been watching you three! Who wouldnt--you're the coolest in the entire galaxy! You, with your cool Space Pirate adventures and you--with your cool 'Superhero of my city' schtick! And even you, despite you sucking blood and looking terrible in sunlight. You're all like powerful Titans in your own rights! That's why I'm summoning you all here to my planet; because, OBVIOUSLY, you're the best trio to help me solve all this!

    Now, don't worry about trip expenses or being obligated to other situations you're dealing with--My summoning spell will bring you here against your will in the next thirty seconds, and we can devise a plan from there!

    Sure, we four are all from completely different walks of life and there's a chance we may all be digested by the demon ink...but there's just as good a chance of us winning, so...yeah.

    See you soon,

    ~~~~Shea, The Greatest and Most Powerfulest sorceress in all the Universe


    Alright, to sum up this roleplay: A Sorceress enlists the aid of A Space Pirate, A Superhero and A Vampire to fight the mother of all evil. In a sense, like Netflix's Defenders, but a little better!

    Open Slots are:



    *Space Pirate/Alien Warrior/ (Up for discussion)

    Only Rules I can think up are:

    *Please be able to write more than three paragraphs

    *No abilities or powers that fall into God-modding. For example: Feel free to ask or suggest to me what abilities your Superhero or Vampire will have, to gauge where it falls in terms of too powerful

    *Be willing to create short Character Bios/ use realistic face claims

    *Offer plot ideas if any come up!
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