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 Hello Hello there!! ^u^

Discussion in 'Introductions & Goodbyes' started by Nonbinary Loser, Oct 12, 2021 at 11:47 PM.

  1. Nonbinary Loser

    Nonbinary Loser New Member Member

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    10:20 PM
    Hi! My name is Xavier/Emmie!

    I guess a small intro is that I am a nonbinary college student going into Game Art! I am quite the bubbly person online and I aim to be as friendly as I can be~

    Now, for my roleplay info!: I have been a roleplayer for years, starting with my innocent anime rps on Instagram and Kik all the way to these more 18+ oriented sites (since I am an adult, yknow, trying to avoid minors) -- I have only been on one particular site for the past few years, so it might be a struggle for me to adjust here. If I do something wrong, just tell me and I will fix it!

    I am very 1 on 1 in terms of roleplays because groups overwhelm me. I tend to always be a queer roleplayer, very rarely do I play out MxF or straight rps. I play out all sorts of genres, from horror and action, to slice of life and fluff, sci-fi and fantasy! My current focus in slice of life romance and anything fantasy aligned~

    I also try to stay with just OCs, but some of my favorite fandoms at the moment are Genshin Impact and Cookie Run. Longer, third-person style rps are my thing, literate and 3-5 paragraphs are the standard! I am also a very active and long-term roleplayer. Usually expect at least one response a day from me unless life kicks my ass, because I am dedicated and my long-term rps have a soft space in my heart.

    Okay! Well, I ranted long enough! Thanks~ Maybe talk to some later~
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  2. ~MetalAngel444~

    ~MetalAngel444~ Orchestrator of your Heart Strings~ Member

    Jul 16, 2021
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    8:20 PM
    Welcome to Umbra! ^^ Glad to have your addition to our merry band of writers! Can't wait to see you out there <3
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