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 Guidelines for Affiliates & Advertisements

Discussion in 'Advertisements & Affiliations' started by Umbra, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. Umbra

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    Jun 12, 2019
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    Guidelines for Affiliates & Advertisements

    Umbra Roleplaying believes affiliating is a fantastic way to establish a strong roleplaying community that celebrates members writing and socializing between various environments. We allow and encourage off-site advertising with the expectation that your site will do the same for us. Whether you're an old site, a new site, whatever your platform, Umbra welcomes you!

    All advertisements must be approved by staff prior to being visible on site, so don't worry if your post isn't immediately available. Staff checks posts, requests, and site requirements when time permits.

    Guidelines for Affiliations & Ads

    1. Ad for ad. If you post an ad on our site, Umbra will take this as permission to post a similar ad onto your site.​

    2. If your site is 18+, please make note of this in the advertisement. The ad itself must be SFW ("safe for work").​

    3. Please do not edit our buttons or code.​

    4. Please allow up to 72 hours for advertisement approval. Umbra has the right to deny any ad for any reason. If you would like to know why your ad was denied, you may contact @Nevermind or send us an email.​

    5. If you would like to become affiliates and add an affiliate button, our button must be visible on your main index page. If your site has multiple themes, our button must be visible on each theme. Please contact @Nevermind on site or via Discord (Nev#0508) if your site would like to affiliate with Umbra.​

    Affiliate Button



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