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Discussion in 'OOC Roleplay Discussion & Planning' started by Ogre Battle, Jun 20, 2021.

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    Jun 10, 2021
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    You are a member of a travelling caravan run by a merchant who calls herself Captain Grizza Mirmik, a stern older goblin woman who has been trading for the past ten years. She has seen many things thorughout her time here, and shown to be quite skilled with her hands and her tongue, both in and out of combat, weilding bardic magic and rapier to defeat her foes. She keeps her past closed, but from what you've heard, she used to be a pirate.

    Tomorrow, the caravan will be setting out from the town of Bluehills southward to the port city of Highwind, but for tonight, you are in the tavern, deciding to spend your last night in town celebrating an excellent trade deal.

    1. While I understand that in canon D&D races have different ages, all characters must be 18+, just to be safe.
    2. For dice rolls I'll use the honor system for now, but if people are always succeeding at their checks and never failing, then I'll substitute it with rolling all the dice myself since the dice are obviously being fudged, which would not be very fun.
    3. Player characters will start out with a common magical trinket of their choice, to make things more fun.
    4. While you may keep your character sheet to yourself, please fill out the below sheet and post it here:
    Magic Trinket:
    Friends and Family (name at least 3):
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