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 MxF  MxM  Non-Binary  Fandom  Open  Seeking Male Characters Galaxy Galore

Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by CosmicSugar, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. CosmicSugar

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    Feb 19, 2020
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    I am glad that you decided to take a look into this new Universe and explore it's galaxies. Take your time to cruise through the stars and enjoy yourself in the meanwhile.

    Important note: Do not post here! Contact me by PM!


    1) I only rp on the forums, so no E-Mail, Skype, or any other alternatives. PM is acceptable if asked.
    2) I need a partner that can post at least one paragraph, absolutely no one liners.
    3) If your main posting style is first person, then we will not be compatible.
    4) You must have decent literacy for me to understand, i'm not asking for masters, just do your best.
    5) If you lose interest, need a break, etc, then tell me and I will understand. I will not bite, I promise.
    6) You have an idea? Then drop it in Pm, I am more than willing to read.
    7) Umbra rules applies.
    8) We are here to have fun, and it shall be so!

    About Me:
    Preferred Roles:
    Male(Switch and Sub)
    Male Herms(Sub/Switch)

    Historical Fiction

    Full Kink List Right Here

    Dirty talk
    Light biting
    Sexual tension
    Light Bondage
    Exotic Anatomy
    Monsters/Aliens/Mythical Creatures
    Light Voyeurism
    Opposite Attraction
    Forbidden Romance

    Heavy Gore
    Necrophilia(Zombies included)
    Too much angst
    Heavy Bondage
    Heavy Torture
    Heavy Abuse/Non-con
    Heavy Drug-Use
    Excessive Fluids
    Food insertion/Food play/Force Feed
    Sexual Violence/Gore
    Heavy Bloodplay
    Rubber Suits
    Feet fetish
    Body Squishing/Squeezing
    Object Insertion
    Body Mutilation
    Pet Play
    Tickle Torture

    Fandom List
    Bust a Groove
    Clock Tower/Haunting Grounds
    Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden
    Devil May Cry
    Fatal Frame
    Final Fantasy
    Harry Potter
    Jet Set Radio
    Last Air Bender
    Legend of Zelda
    Mortal Kombat
    Power Rangers/Tokusatsu
    Resident Evil
    Silent Hill
    Soul Calibur
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  2. CosmicSugar

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    Feb 19, 2020
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    4:40 PM

    Hetero Plots
    Heaven's Wrath
    Servants of the Dragon of Heaven is given a very important mission: to find a very special mortal woman and sacrifice her to the heavens. This is important as to keep the Dragon of the Earth from gaining power to rule the planet. YC is one of the servant of heaven determine to complete the mission, but could it change from meeting the woman he has to sacrifice?

    Keys to Eden
    La'Kardia is a desert wasteland that use to be full of life. Since then, the elves built themselves a grand city to survive, leaving the humans to live in the harsh environment. There is a legend of two keys that will unlock the gates to the land of spirits, so that life will pour into La'Kardia once again. Most believe that it is just a myth, but others think otherwise,that it will be a matter of time before hope will come.

    Beautiful Creature
    Two werewolf tribes have come together for the betrothal of two alphas, one of them is MC's older sister. MC is a omega, sometimes overlooked by her very beautiful and talented alpha sister. YC is also a alpha from a different tribe, but he noticed this gloomy girl, and can't seem to get her out of his mind no matter how much he tries.

    Forever Shinobi
    MC is the daughter of a wealthy family, rooted into high society. She has been told tales of her family's past, notably of a ninja clan dedicated with the family's protection. There is only one remaining, a ninja who is immortal. MC has met this ninja when she was a child, but she thought it had been a dream. YC is not an illusion, he has been watching over her, and he would protect her no matter what.

    Destiny Binds Us
    MC is priestess of a religious organizations, and she going to be assigned to a holy knight. She didn't expect to be paired with one of the Knights of Virtue, YC. He has been a loner for a long time, but now he has no choice to go ha e a priestess around with him.

    Rose Planted Kiss
    It has been seven years since the Princess Snow White ran away from her merdurous Step-mother and lived in the woods. It has been a long time since she has seen another human being, including her childhood friend. She has been hidden all this time, but now she has been found.

    Human Virtue
    MC wakes up, finding herself in a different world where humans have been long gone. YC is an elf that have found her, and discover that she is indeed a human, and decides to help her navigate this new world she has fallen into.

    The Grey Beauty
    50 years ago, MC were a normal human girl getting married to her beloved before her world turned to ash. The vampire lord burned her village, killed everyone in it, and took her as his lastest bride. She has been miserable since then, yearning for death to escape. One day, she thought that she saw a familiar face, and happens to meet with YC, a creature that has a similar face to her love long ago. He helped her escape from the Vampire Lord, and she has smiled for the first time in years.

    The Human Feel
    The city of Cybrix is the city of innovation and progress, created by the leading technology company. Almost everyone in the city has cybernetics, but there are still very few humans barely have any or is completely human. MC is completely human, and she is living in this city, but plans to leave it. The city is not allowing that to happen, and so she must find a way.

    Days of Ember
    The old era is coming to an end as the sun is consumed, and the darkness is swallowing the world, leaving it in ruins. The Knights of the End have a duty to hold back the darkness long enough for the people to flee into holy sanctuaries. MC and YC are knights, fighting the monsters on the surface as the end is slowly creeping upon the Earth.

    Colors of the Dragon
    MC is a tattoo artist, completing her apprenticeship and her first job is to paint a dragon tattoo on YC after her master passed away. YC is yakuza, and he is getting his first and only tattoo of the azure dragon, but the old artist passed away, and has no choice but to hire his former apprentice to finish it.

    Seed Satillite
    As a response to Earth's declining male population, a grand project has been in the works. A space station has been created with the sole purpose of helping human civilization. Women are selected and sent to the space station in order to be tested on by specialized robots to breed them by using synthesized material. They are to be subjected to different types of these robots to ensure that humanity will live on.

    Soul Salvation​
    Soul Calibur-Siegfried x Cassandra
    Sophitia Alexandria once again sets off on her mission to destroy Soul Edge, leaving her loved ones behind. Her younger sister, Cassandra decides to chase after her, wanting to convince her to go home so that she'll destroy the evil sword herself. On the way, she meets a knight named Siegfried that has a connection to the sword and decides to follow him in hopes of finding it and her sister.

    Dante Must Die
    Devil May Cry- Dante x Human!OC
    Dante has gotten the contract of his life, he is offered a lot of money for searching for a girl for his client, and he found her. Things are not as it seems as he gets close to her, and the truth becomes clear as his client's intentions are more than just finding her and slaying demons. Breaking ties with his client, he protects the girl from the demons, but to get to her- the Son of Sparda must be destroyed.

    The Golden Mark
    The Hobbit- Fili x Hobbit!OC
    MC is a Hobbit, unlike the rest is a stubborn maiden who takes care of her aging father. While in the forest, she meets with a golden haired Dwarf, and is somehow intrigued. What she doesn't know is that he is Fili, heir to the Throne of the Lonely Mountains.

    Song of Sacred Fire
    Mortal Kombat-Scorpion x OC
    MC is a popular singer from Earthrealm, just starting into her very own solo career. During her performance at a concert, a portal opened from above causing terrible monsters to rain from above. She is kidnapped, taken to the Netherrealm as a prisoner to the terrible Quan Chi. She thought that she would never get out, until she is rescued by a man by the name of Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion. He vows to be her protector, as he swears vengeance on the sorcerer that ruined his life.

    Fires of Life
    Fatal Frame- Possessed!OC x Reincarnated!OC
    MC is a very usual girl, a Japanese girl born with bright blue eyes is a rarity. She takes a school trip to a mountain that surrounds a old legend, a God that wants to be reunited with his lost Goddess. YC is her friend that is on the trip as well, as they are in the village near the sacred mountain, but that is when the strangest thing began to happen. The mountain calls for MC, and YC tries to save her, but now he housed a God trying to reclaim his love.

    Revelations Phoenix
    Resident Evil- Claire x Steve
    Claire and members of Terrasave has been kidnapped and taken into a isolated destination, under the mercy of the Overseer. She is trapped, trying to survive these trials and keeping an nnocent girl alive. At the same time, she discovers a shocking surprise, Steve Burnside is alive, and under the Overseer's control. Now she has a second chance to save his life, and defeat the Overseer.

    Queen of Darkness
    Overwatch- Female!Reaper x Supernatural!76
    Gabriella Reyes is strike commander of Overwatch, and she doesn't believe in such things as the supernatural. She is suddenly introduced into their world by being attacked, but is saved by a man with intense red eyes. This is the Red Eye King, and Gabriella carries a mark that will make her his queen. She doesn't take it well, and runs, but he follows and will not stop.

    Eyes are the Soul
    Resident Evil- Yoko x David
    It has been 2 years since the Raccoon City outbreak, and people are being kidnapped under mysterious circumstances, including the survivors. Yoko has been targeted, and is kinapped herself by agents of Umbrella. She isn't alone, as David King has been kidnapped as well, and they must find a way to escape.

    Crystal Hymn
    Final Fantasy- OC x OC
    The world has been saved from the brink of destruction by a hero that has slain the 5 demon beasts along with a deity crystal. Civilization has moved on with the deity as guidance, however, that peace has been disturbance when a sign of reemergence of the demon beasts. YC is part of chosen warriors to prevent that from happening, and they found MC as a herald to the beasts.

    Evil Grows In Me
    The Evil Within- OC x OC
    MC doesn't remember much of her childhood, but knows that she was adopted into a wonderful family and has a good life. That is until she is starting to have terrible nightmares, of murder and other disturbing things that doesn't seem to stop. She is amitted to a small clinic, where she meets YC and befriends him. That is when the nightmare begins, as they are being hunted by terrible things.

    Emerald Star
    JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Jotaro x Female!Kakyoin
    Noriko Kakyoin has moved into town after her parents sent her to the home of the Joestars to live with Joseph and his family. She is nervous to b around the family because she can see a emerald creature that can protect her, and thought of herself as a monster. Little does she knows that no only Joeseph is like her, but also his grandson Jotaro. Even still, she is afraid to be close to anyone because of terrifying dreams, but Jotaro promise that he will be with her.

    The Gears Turn
    Clock Tower- Simpson!OC x Survivor!OC
    MC knows little about her mother, all she knows is that she left, and never saw her again. She is given a gift from a mysterious sender, and found herself attacked. She was saved by YC, but this is only the beginning of something terrifying.

    Kiss of Sugar
    JJBA Golden Wind- Female!Doppio x Bruno
    Donatella is a single mother living in New York raising her daughter in relative peace, but that peace didn't last long when a man name Bruno Bucciarati tracked down both mother and daughter with his gang to try and take them back to Italy. After a while, he suddenly changed his mind and swore to protect them with his life.

    Soulmate TV
    Persona 4- Yu x Chie
    There is a urban legend about a TV channel that only comes on at midnight on a rainy day. It is said that those who look upon it at that time, would show that person's true love. Chie thought it was ridiculous since she has done it a few times, and no one showed up. However, when a new guy, Yu comes into town, that is when a vision finally shows on her TV of a blurry figure. Is her soulmate finally found?

    Blessing of the Azure Moon
    Fire Emblem- Dimitri x Agartha!Avatar
    Long ago, the people of Fodlin were graced with the Goddess Sothis' blessing. and those blessings took the form of four crystals. The Agartha people corrupted their crystal, the vessel of an unholy energy, and they were punished for it. The crystals have been passed down from barer to barer, and it is holy law that the 4th barer must die. Dimitri found a strange girl in the woods, and notice that there is something odd about her. His crystal shines every time he is near her, could she be the one with the dark crystal?

    Spring and Summer
    Naruto- Rock Lee x Sakura
    Sakura Haruno retires from the life of a ninja after the war, and focus on being a medic. Love eludes her since she is trying to move on from Sasuke, trying to mend her broken heart and figure out her purpose in this life. Even after all this time, Rock Lee tries to cheer her up, always want to make her smile. Somehow, he still loves her.

    Bioshock- OC x OC
    "The Blood of Divinity feeds the soil where the seed is bedded to grow. When the seed springs into a tree, it bares the fruit for the chosen ones to harvest. The chosen ones are blessed by the line of Victoria, and shall be rewarded from the tree a piece of our power."

    It is 1920, and there is a new city that has been developed in the Pacific far from the mainland called The Island of the White Apple-a giant dome incasing a small island chain. No one on the outside knows what is going on as only those chosen are to enter paradise, willing to leave their old lives behind.

    YC has just returned overseers from serving in the war, coming home to see his family and his childhood friend MC. Her family has been chosen to be apart of the White Eden, but she refused the offer, which results into her being kidnapped. YC took it upon himself to rescue her, while trekking through this paradise for the chosen

    Infinite Light
    Resident Evil- Leon x Ashley
    It has been a year since the events of RE4, and Ashley hasn't been the same since being kidnapped and almost used as a weapon. She has been having terrible nightmares and having trouble sleeping. In order to help her, she is sent to her mother's home in Quebec, and Leon decided to join her. It is the one place she thought that would put her at easy, as family means everything, but the family require something from her.

    Fire Emblem- Female!Xander x Ryoma
    The Kingdom of Nohr is dying, its resources nearly depleted, suffering through terrible conditions, and its people are going hungry. The newly ascended queen, Xandra have decided to form an alliance with King Ryoma of Hoshido to save her kingdom. He agrees, but in exchange for her hand in marriage.

    Fire Emblem- Female!Ryoma x Xander
    The kingdom of Hoshido is a land of prosperity, but of mighty isolation until Nohr's invasion of the land. Despite the royal family's effort, they were defeated and had to surrender to prince Xander's forces. The crown princess has been taken as a prisoner, and is given a choice to become the prince's wife for the sake of Hoshido, and she will do whatever it takes.

    I see the Light
    Frozen/Rise of the Guardians- Elsa x Jack Frost
    Elsa has been trapped within a tower most of her life, knowing little of the outside world with only her parents and sister for company. That is until she is visited by a frost spirit named Jack Frost , and has been with her ever since. He promised that one day he would show her the outside, to give her the taste of freedom.

    Tekken- Jin x Xiaoyu
    It has been a long time since Xiaoyu has seen her secret crush Jin Kazuma since he just disappeared. She has been wondering where he could be as she tries to live her life. It shatters when Jin suddenly reappears, as he is trying to battle his inner demon. She is willing to help him do just that, as their adventure is full of danger, but will they overcome?

    Demon of Hunger
    Little Nightmares- Mono x Six
    For as long as she can remember, Six has been possessed by the demon of hunger. That is why she hid herself away in a metal prison at sea, that is why she is bond to be its mistress, to keep the demon at bay. That is why she had to let Mono go that day, or he would be consumed as long as she was with him. Maybe he would come back one day to enact his revenge, he will kill her so the demon would die with her.
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    Yaoi Plots
    Ruby Generation
    Long ago, an apocalypse destroyed civilization, and almost destroyed mankind itself. They were saved by super humans with golden eyes, and they were branded as heroes. Their descendants are treasured, as their eyes changes within a new generation. C1 is born with Silver eyes, the last of his generation before the beginning of the new era. C2 is part of this new era of super humans, the first to have red eyes. Both of them meet with other, and C1 would have to guide C2 on the ways of the world.

    Link to Camelot-Soul of the Grail
    MC is an American tourist in England, seeing the sights until he accidentally fell into a lake. He is saved by Nimue, and then somehow gotten transferred into medieval times when Camelot exists. He is lost, but has an encounter with the king himself-Arthur and taken to his castle. MC doesn't know why he is here, or why he has taken a liking to the king, but he has to go home somehow.

    Earthly Gods
    C1 is a wanderer, always have been by himself as it is the best way to survive. However, he comes in contact with a band of the most strongest humans that fights for the survival of humanity. C2 is part of this band, which has been said are reincarnation of Gods that took on a earthly form. They believe that C1 is a reincarnate God, but he doesn't believe it, could C2 convince him.

    Land of Legends
    10,000 years after human civilization has been brought into ruins by the gods, and mythical beasts now roaming the lands. Humans still remain, living in scattered settlements, and in fear of the gods watching them. C1 lives in one of these settlements, along with C2 whom is considered a demi-god. They are best friends, as the other villagers stay clear from him. Now they gods require a sacrifice, and both of them ran away, and into the wilds to survive.

    Raptor X
    Years ago, a virus spread around the globe, bringing human civilazation down on its knees. The virus alters some humans, giving them dinosaur characteristics as they retake the Earth as their own. MC is a human living in the specialized sector for his kind, but he somehow wins the lottery and is given to YC to be a mate.

    Chronicles of the Fallen Hero
    it has been 10,000 years since the rise of demons and humanity has all been destroyed. C1 is the only human left in existence, a failed hero that has been granted immortality, and has been sitting inside of a lost dungeon. C2 discovers the ruins and come across the fallen hero by chance.

    The Forest of the Unheard
    Legend is told of a forest in which people go when they suffer unrequited love to end their pain, as they are never seen again by the outside world. This is the fate of MC, as he harbored feelings for his friend, but is heartbroken and walks into the forest. It has been many years since then, and YC was in the area when he finds MC unconscious nearby, and takes him back to his town.

    America in Bloom
    The United States is in a epidemic, a plant based virus has turned those infected into walking blights, but only men can be turned into these creatures. C1 and C2 are best friends traveling as nomads across the blooming lands. One of them is infected, but is still human. They are travelling east to meet with someone who has a cure before he couldossibly turn.

    Sin of the Father
    C1 is a priest whom one day finds C2 injured and decided to care for this stranger. This stranger is an incubus, a demonic creature. The priest made the choice of protecting him instead of having him destroyed, and that comes with a curse, but also a blessing.

    The Longing
    Overwatch- McCree x Dragon!Hanzo
    Ten years ago, Jesse McCree wandered into the forest of the sacred dragons and met with the Shimada Brothers, but he fell in love with Hanzo. Despite breaking the law, they have become closer and they became a secret couple. They were found out and Jesse was banished forever, sealing the forest. Hanzo has broken through the barrier and searches for his lost love.

    Dragon Strings
    Yugioh-BlueEyes!Kaiba x RedEyes!Joey
    Dragons live alongside humans, and are the eldest and ruling class of the world. Seto Kaiba belongs to a powerful dragon family, and heir to its name. One day, he meet with an unusual human, Joey Wheeler, who is suffering from a rare curse that makes him a dragon. Against his better judgement, Kaiba decides to take him in to teach him how to control his curse and probably turn it into a blessing.

    Eyes of the Beholder
    007- Bond x Q
    James received a mysterious blue gem from his latest mission, and given it to his Quartermaster unknowingly painted a target on his back. James have to protect him and find out what is so important about this Gem, these pairs of 'Eyes' belonging to a organization.

    Heat, Bonding, Changing
    DC-Superman x Batman
    Superman has been feeling weird for the past few days, his Kryptonian biology is causing him to go into heat. Because of this, he needs to find a mate, and he chose the dark knight.

    Light Side of the Moon
    Bleach- AU!Aizen x OU!Ichigo
    Ichigo woke up one morning as thing are somewhat normal for him. However, that changes hen he discover that Sosuke Aizen is walking around, and that he doesn't know anything about Ichigo or the Soul Society. As a matter of fact, none of them dosen't know anything about this man except the boy. What is going on, why did everything change under his nose?

    Ghost Coyote
    Resident Evil-Vector x OC
    MC is a new recruit, and his team is a small group that includes one of Umbrella's best agent; Vector. Their mission is to assassinate a traitor that has fled, and retrieve an important asset. It will take them to an abandoned facility where horror awaits for them. Will they survive?

    Crystal Aria
    Final Fantasy- Past!OC x Present!OC
    C1 was a great hero from the past who has slain a great evil at the cost of his life. Thousands of years later, the hero is discovered within a seal, and he is released thanks to C2. The world is vastly different from C1, as he has to navigate this new world as it seems that the evil wasn't defeated all those years ago. The great heroes are tasked with finding it, and save the world once more.

    Passion of the White Flames
    Drakengard- Knight!OC x Hero!OC
    20 years ago, there was a man and a silver dragon that were the scourge of the peaceful Union. The both of them left a trail of bloodshed and destruction in their wake, not even the best of he kingdom could stop them. In desperation, the people turn to the gods, and they have bestowed the chosen one the power to seal the man and the dragon away, never to torment the land again.

    Evil Grows in You
    The Evil Within- OC x OC
    The town of Sophia's Union is like any other ideal small city, C1 has lived here his entire life, blissfully living life with his best friend C2. However, the townspeople started to become sick and crazy, then the world around them begin to change. Both C1 and C2 will have to find a way to escape before they are consumed.

    Salvation of the Azure Moon
    Fire Emblem- Shifter!Dimitri x M!Protag
    100 years ago, the Kingdom of Faerghus was a land of prosperity, but it now has become a land of monsters, devoid of humans as they were driven out. It is a cursed place, but Rhea has beeen gathering brave soliders to take it back. She has assigned Jeralt and his son to fight and kill the former prince of Faerghus, who is now a monster himself to end the curse. Is there another way? To save this lost prince from the darkness?

    Ruby Winds
    JJBA Golden Wind- Vampire!Giorno x Mista
    Guido Mista is just a gangster, he doesn't know that there is another world out there that he is unaware of. He seen a beautiful boy with golden hair, but has become a recent sighting around town, even in his dreams. This man, Giorno is something otherworldly, and is getting closer to Mista whether he wants it or not.

    Phantom of the Rose
    JJBA Phantom Blood- NatureSpirit!Jonathan x Dio
    Dio Brando's family has been cursed with a generational obsession of Rose Spirits, creatures that are said to have extreme beauty and amazing powers. Dio vows to never fall for this curse, but his life is saved by a spirit. The spirit and Dio became close, as the young man protects it from his manic father.

    Snowfall Vendetta
    Resident Evil-Chris x OC/Cannon
    After his last Mission, Chris Redfield finally retired and decides to resides in a small mountain town to finally start a normal life after it was taken from him long ago. When things finally start to go well with him, the past always has a way to resurface. There are people out for his head, and is willing to do anything to see him dead, and once again he must survive the seemingly impossible.

    The Last of Us- Immune!OC x OC
    C1 is a lone traveler, being hunted by the remnants of the Firelies because of his immunity to the mutant fungus. He was taken into a small community, hoping to hide within until winter pass. C2 is also in the town, watching him closely as he has a feeling there is something weird about him.
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    Non-Binary Plots
    The King's Heart
    Years ago, a mighty dragon made a pact with the then king of the land. In that pact, the dragon would be bonded and wedded to the child of the royal family with a certain mark on his body. Years later, MC is now king, and he is to be the partner of YC, the dragon, and his body has begun to change. The king's body has transformed to accommodate his mate, so they would live together.

    Dr Gekx's Revival Experiment
    Dr Gekx is a goblin scientist, trying to save his race from extinction. Their females are rare, and goblin numbers are decreasing. He decided to test the possibility of using humans as the answers to his problem. He kidnaps YC as the first step to see if humans have the capacity to aid the goblin cause.

    Father knows best
    PS. Double roles for both players
    YC is the king that has an unruly son, MC who doesn't want to be tied down to the palace and explore the world. The outside world is dangerous! It is no place for a prince such as himself, the king loves his son very much. But in order to tame him, he decides to do what is best: forcing him to bear a child to make him stay no matter what.

    Bad End Heroes
    PS Multiple play is required
    A group of heroes were chosen on a mission from a higher power to travel to the land of darkness to combat the evil overlord and his generals. When they arrive at the castle, the heroes have been defeated. Instead of killing them, the overlord has something different in mind. After all, they are in need of wives.

    Milk and Honey
    YC is a new farm hand, deciding to work in the summer at a high quality dairy farm. These special farms houses special cows that look like men, but they produce the most delicious milk which is why they are treated like royalty. MC is such a cow in this farm and YC finds that he has the most delicious milk and stays close to have some.

    Perfect Creature
    Vampires and humans coexist, there are only male vampires that exist whom are called 'Brothers'. C1 is a vampire, a former member of a brotherhood that worships a fabled being called the Perfect Creature. C2 is C1's friend, a folklorist in vampire mythology. He is born with an unsual birthmark, and the Brotherhood believes that this is a sign that the Perfect Creature would finally come.

    Den of Redemption
    YC and MC are criminals that were caught and were sentenced to rehabilitation to make them better men of society. Criminals are taken to the Den of Redemption, where they are left there for a year to see if they are well behaved. There are no prison guards, no wardens, but the den is crawling with humanoid creatures that are here to help the poor souls with the rehab process.

    Yakuza Husband
    MC has been kidnapped from the streets and was taken into the home of a Yakuza boss, YC. He explains that MC’s family was in debt, and they have ran away, abandoning their son to his fate. YC decides to keep MC until he can pay off the debt, or until the parents are found. MC has no choice but to live with the boss.

    Bad Healer
    MC is a magic user, and magic is extemely forbidden in the human kingdom. He is captured and is forced to be the secret healer for the kingdom's champion. The healer is kidnapped and taken to YC, the dark lord. Magic users are treated better in the dark kingdm, and the Healer decided to take revenge on the human kingdom by siding with YC and his dark army.

    The Hidden Gem
    MC is a werewolf that is hidden in the woods with his younger brother, they are on the run from their former pack, and has to be on the move. YC offers them to stay in the pack his is in, but MC is on the run, but his brother tries to convince him to stay.

    Nights of Creation
    FNAF- Night guard x Male Animatronics
    On the first day, a new night guard sits in on his job at Freddy Fazbear Pizza. At the stroke of 12 am, a curse transforms the inside of the pizzeria, and the animatronics come to life. This also has the effect of the human, prepping him for the creatures roaming the place to get to him. Would he choose to try to fend himself, or let the cursed robots ravish his new body?

    The Shadow Bride
    Overwatch- Supernatural!76 x Human/SupernaturalReaper
    The Red Eye King has finally found his bride, a human who he had chosen for his consort. They were happy for a time, but it ended in tragedy when his consort was supposedly killed in an explosion. The king was devastated, and now he is only thinking of revenge on the people who took his beloved away. A few years have passed, and there have been rumors of seeing a man walking about that has a vague likeness of the king's consort. They are just rumors, but why does his heart tingle when he sees the pictures? Is he somehow alive?

    The Mark
    The Hobbit- Thorin x Bilbo
    Legend has it that people’s soul are tied by destiny, and when they are close, they become one. Bilbo has been told of this, and he thought that such a thing would never happen to him. It was until that he met the king under that mountain, Thorin Oakenshield, that he felt very odd, that his heart begins to feel pain. Could it be true that this warrior king is his other half.

    Light of my Life
    Marvel- Thor x Loki, Asgardian!Steve x Tony
    Loki is a single parent, he has been raising his son Steve, and everything have been going well...at first. Steve starts to experience significant growth, and have abilities that he cannot explain, and Loki reveals the truth that he is a demigod. His father is Thor, god of Thunder, and said god is looking for the both of them.

    The Lightening Legacy
    Harry Potter- Harry x Draco
    It has been 7 years since the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is an Auror for is Ministry, and trying to live a somewhat normal life. Its hard to achieve such a thing when he is hailed as the hero who defeated the Dark Lord himself, plus he has been seeing weird signs. There is a secret cult of witches and wizards that worship Harry as being the chosen one as he dons the Lightening Scar and his defeat of Voldemort, so they worship him. Harry doesn't appreciate this, and even less so when they start to increase their insistence on continuing his legacy.

    Golden Stardust
    JJBA- Jouta x Brando!Giorno
    20 years ago, Dio Brando and his followers massacred the entire Joestar family, or so he thought as Kakyion and a few close friends manage to escape and went into hiding. He has a son, Jouta, and gave him a sheltered life to keep him safe. Jouta never knew about what has happened to his family, but has developed a strange power, a vision of his will power started to manifest and made him a target. He is helped by an unlikely ally, a young man named Giorno Giovanna that also have strange powers. They have to work together to battle the forces of Dio to protect the ones they love, and hopefully end the curse.
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