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 Mystery  Erotic  Supernatural  Horror Finding Amber Lee

Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by FreakGeek, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Sep 16, 2019
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    Finding Amber Lee


    Amber Lee, a young adult and friend to many has gone completely missing. No one knows what's happened to her but everyone fears the worst. In her last days of being seen, she had been acting a little off and finally went missing after being spotted entering the Bellus Woods.

    A search party is formed and everyone is split up into smaller groups. The people who look for her have their own reasons for searching. Some are friends, some are family, some may even be enemies.

    Thing's take a darker turn though when a couple of the groups get lost, their ownly cominaction to each other being radio. Unable to find their way back out, the few groups try to find each other as night falls and quickly discover things are not right in these woods.

    It seems the ghost of Amber Lee has taken over these woods and is determinded to torment and fuck with everyone there. The only way for any of them to survive is to find Amber Lee and discover just what happened to her. As things grow more and more intense, they may even find that one or more of them are the direct cause for her disapearence.



    -This roleplay will include all kinds of themes, if you are sensative to blood, gore, supernatural creatures and sexual themes I suggest staying away.

    -Sexual themes inparticular will be added. When I post the character sheet for you to fill out, there will be a specific section for kinks and limits. If there is one limit on there, it's a limit for everyone to follow. There has to be a general understanding for everyone and everyone as to agree. Other than that, everything is on the table.

    -I will be controlling most of the monsters and such, but feel free to add your own monsters to either stalk you personally or someone else. You can not use said monster to kill someone else though, you have to ask permission first. Feel free to kill yourself though... That sounded off but you know what I mean.

    -Yes, even the monsters can be sexual and such. I'm just gonna add that in there now.

    -The killer of Amber Lee is going to be... A surprise! You may wonder how that's possible but heres what I plan on doing. Everyone who gets stuck is a suspect. You can all have some kind of connection to the missing girl and maybe some of you have done something wrong to her, and are there to hide your tracks. But one of you are definitly her killer. Only there to make sure no one else finds out what you did. Anyone who want's a chance to become the killer can say so but in the end, I will decide who.



    -Respect everyones choices and decicions. Do not, I repeat, do not try to force someone to do something they do not want to do... Unless, that's what they want. Like, with non-con stuff. But you have to ask, boi!

    -Don't do anything against site rules.

    -Interact with the story, feel free to add your own plot points and situations. Get into it! Don't leave me to set up everything, I wan't this to be a collaberation that everyone can be apart of. This story doesn't have a set end. It's up to us to make it.



    Gender Pairing Preference:

    Relation Towards Amber: (Sibling, Parent, Friend, Enemy, Ect)

    Are you a possible killer?:



    Face Claim:



    Look forward to seeing who'll sign up!



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