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 Advertisement Fantastic Roleplay - 18+ Urban Fantasy Roleplay

Discussion in 'Advertisements & Affiliations' started by Umbra, Jul 15, 2020.

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    The world is full of magic.

    As the United States of America was still in its earliest era of founding, a unique circumstance presented itself: the confirmed existence of parahumans. With more and more of the population being revealed to be supernatural, the need for an additional governing force became paramount. As state lines were drawn, so too were the boundaries declared "safe" for parahumans in the brand new nation. This Sanctuary City would become the first of several around the world as designated places for parahumans to live freely under laws curated for practitioners of magic and other-worldly beings.

    In its Centennial year, the coastal metropolis Casticor has become the epicenter of modern magic where anything is possible. Named after its founder Jasper A. Casticor, the first official Sanctuary City under the sanctions of the Coalition of Parahuman Affairs (COPA) has known great success and gone on to inspire others like it around the world. It is here that your Fantastic stories will begin!

    Fantastic Roleplay is an single-setting Urban Fantasy Roleplay site (18+), where members can create their own characters and interact with the detailed universe. We have writers of all skill levels, and welcome beginners and veterans of roleplay alike!

    Fantastic Roleplay

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