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Discussion in 'Group RP Requests' started by Lucien M. Durand, Jun 6, 2020.

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      1.) Where does this story? I want the story to have different locations overall; Earth and Vaampa are two that are going to be the most obvious. My partners and I should all discuss the locations.

      2.) What is the plotline for this RP? In the most simple, and direct terms: Broly finds and meets a female Saiyan who he forms a strong attachment to. When she is apparently killed when Broly is seemingly powerless against the villain he awakens a secret power within--the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan. However, because this form is so powerful, so new and his emotional state is fractured--Broly loses all control of himself. He becomes a one-man wrecking crew. His power far exceeds what was seen in DBS: Broly. Even Gogeta Blue and Jiren together can't seem to stop this mammoth undertaking of bringing Broly back to his senses.

      3.) What makes this Broly different? This Broly is a more refined fighter, he's no longer a primal, backwater fighter who has no technique. Goku has been training with him in base form and teaching him how to hone his ki more efficiently. However, when he loses control I compare his fighting style to the DBZ Movie 8 where he thrashes people quite readily and handily. He is able to take on multiple top tier fighters without showing much sign of slowing down. His appearance is much the same as DBS: Broly although when he reaches the apex of his power, the Legendary form he bulks up considerably like Broly in movie 8.

      4.) What other characters can or will we see? Goku and Vegeta are for certain up for grabs. Trunks and Goten are now older, as old as Future Trunks. Gohan (Mystic, SSJ2), Frieza, Cooler, Janemba, Perfect Cell, and Jiren are also playable--although I'd prefer it if you played them as their egos and personalities intend. I would put Piccolo and Android 17 down, but, they just wouldn't pose much of a challenge compared to these other hard hitters.

      5.) Will this be all action? Will there be romance--even some erotica? Yes, and no. The Dragon Ball brand has never been really big on romance or sex. It's a Shonen it's mostly about fighting tougher opponents and big explosions. However, there can be moments where romantic inclinations are permitted. As far as erotica, I don't think there will be unless my collaborators want or feel it would help build that kinship between Broly and his 'mate'.

      6.) What do you expect of this RP? Well, first and foremost I expect it to be about sharing a love for a franchise, a love for its characters--and I expect it to be about having fun. I wanted to make my own iteration of Broly that's a sort of an amalgamation of old and new. I've always favored Broly. He has been my favorite character since Movie 8 & 9--I don't count Bio-Broly.

      Please PM me for a character slot!

    • 1.) I expect that you have at least a decent bit of knowledge of the characters involved in this. I'm not saying you have to be a power-scaling guru that knows intimate knowledge from all the guide books. But if you don't know who Broly, Goku, Vegeta or Frieza is--you're not in the right place. Also, it goes without saying, you need to have watched DBZ and DBS as there two renditions of Broly, several transformations between Goku and Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks also have a transformation-- As well as the various levels of Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God.

      2.) I expect there to be respect given towards all those involved in this roleplay. I don't care how well you may RP or how good you are at playing a character--if you aren't going to be courteous and polite--I don't want you in my roleplay. Plain and simple. I do not like racism, bigots, or any kind of disrespect. You have a right to an opinion but you also have the right to keep things to yourself and keep quiet and just enjoy the story and the escapism.

      3.) I will require all players to write three paragraphs--minimum. 5-6 sentences each. If you want to write more, be my guest! I rather enjoy reading large posts that are detailed and bring out a character's personality, through his actions and his words. But I am invoking a strict three-paragraph limit. You can write 6 paragraphs, 9 paragraphs just as long as you writ at least 3. This gives others plenty to work off of and respond to, including me. I am a creative writer and I can be very detailed, but I'm not a miracle worker and can't rightly work with 3-4 lines of your character not really doing anything in particular.

      4.) If your scene with another player or character involves sexual content, put the sex scene in spoilers so there is fair warning to all those involved--and no one gets blindsided by graphic sexual content they would rather not have read, especially if it had nothing to do with their characters.

      5.) Finally, have fun with this roleplay! I want you to enjoy playing your favorite characters.

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