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Discussion in 'OOC Roleplay Discussion & Planning' started by Lucien M. Durand, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Lucien M. Durand

    Lucien M. Durand Trying to catch up! Eager to see the replies! Member

    Nov 13, 2019
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    7:30 AM

    So, here I am wanting to bring together a group of like-minded individuals who are creative and would like to help me in constructing a cyberpunk-style futuristic role-play from the ground up. From the story, to locations; weapons to body modifications, and even game mechanics. I'm not even sure how far in the future this should take place, so, let's get to working together to construct a story that's interesting and involves all characters that may apply.

    I will be looking for a Co-Gm and adding rules I find would be necessary--the obvious ones we will likely know, and the site's rules will always be applicable.
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  2. Dao Ma

    Dao Ma sorrow made you. Assistant

    Jul 5, 2019
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    4:30 AM
    I realized I hadn't actually said anything here and I'm sorry cause I was gonna. ;;A;;

    What kind of angle are you thinking about going for? Depending on what kind of struggles are happening could greatly influence what kinds of things you'll see in the world!

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