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 Fantasy  Supernatural  Horror Apocaleptika: The Middle Ages

Discussion in 'OOC Roleplay Discussion & Planning' started by Esoterica, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. Esoterica

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    May 21, 2020
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    The Plot:
    Apocaleptika: Time of Prophecy
    In the year 1035, a war has broken out between the demonic legions, and their vampiric slaves. Upon discovery of the fact that vampires can ascend to Godhood upon feasting on the hearts of their demonic masters, hordes of vampires took advantage of this newfound knowledge, seeking power at any price.
    Young fledging vampires seek the ultimate in power, the ability to become Blood Masters, (vampires that can transform a human a vampire). They seek this power both in the streets and in arenas, and in rituals where demons are served to the vampires in elaborate rituals.
    You are caught in the middle of this war, a group of young humans and neutral supernaturals such as werewolves, and sorcerors, attempting to broker peace between the sides at a dinner in neutral territory. What could go wrong?

    [floatright][img height=150]https://i.imgur.com/L4STwCH.png?2[/img][/floatright]
    [b]Character Name:
    Face Claim:
     Played By:
    Biography: [/b]
    Likes, Kinks and Fetishes:
    Hard Offs:
    Additional Information:[/b]
    Please post approved character sheets only in the World Building Section in the link below. Thank you for your help in this matter.

    The Specifics:

    For this plot I am looking for people to play neutral sorcerors and werewolves mainly, although I am open to people also playing vampires and demons (and of course humans) as well. The idea here is to have a group of diplomats working together in order to end the war the vampires have started against the demonic race. Demons are not necessarily evil here, like in the cliches. They are more powerful than vampires, so vampires tend to get together in groups to try and take them down instead of facing them down one on one.
    I am looking for this to have an Underworld meets King Arthur kind of feel, with the rp taking place in the Middle Ages, with kings, queens, knights, peasants and vampires and demons all coming together in a kind of mix of sorts all with a little bit of low fantasy magic.
    This is not going to be a strictly historical game. It will take place in a low fantasy world which resembles our Middle Ages in some ways, but is still going to have a few key differences.

    Basics about the vampire race include:

    Vampires cannot walk in the sun. They catch on fire and they die.
    Vampires die if someone puts a stake through their heart.
    Vampires die if they are beheaded.
    Like werewolves, vampires are highly allergic to silver
    Vampires cannot create other vampires until they have feasted on the heart of a demon turning them into a Blood Master.

    Basics of the demon race are as follows:

    Demons are winged human like creatures that are stronger and more powerful than vampires, at least in general. They have the ability to create vampires, an ability that can be stolen from them by consuming their hearts.
    Demons can die if their hearts are destroyed or removed just like with a vampire.
    Demons do not need to drink blood, although they can and sometimes do.
    Demons can walk in the sun, although they are weaker when they do

    Sorceror Basics:

    Sorcerors live longer than humans do, but they are not truly immortal unless they have made a pact in order to become this way.
    Sorcerors have lost much of the power they once had. They do not throw fire, build walls of ice, or cause people to be tangled in vines as they did a long time ago. They cannot teleport from place to place, or use telekinesis anymore either.
    Sorcerors can heal the wounded, and have visions of the future. They are also immune to the powers of vampires, demons and other supernaturals.
    There are five types of Sorcerors: Demonologists, Necromancers, Elementalists, Healers, Oracles and Spellbinders.

    Demonologists are Sorcerors who have the ability to call demons. This is not exactly summoning, as the demons have the ability to either come or deny the call. Summoning is different because demons cannot ignore a summons, but they can and sometimes do ignore a call.

    Infernalists are Demonlogists who have the ability to control demons when they make eye contact and speak to them. This knowledge is forbidden, and they are typically reviled and typically hunted for this misuse of their powers.

    All Sorcerors can heal, but Healers have it as their speciality, and are much better at it than other Sorcerors. They can heal burns, diseases and even raise people from the dead.


    All Sorcerors sometimes have glimpses of the future, but they are usually such a jumbled mess that such visions are basically useless. Oracles can control these visions, and are able to play these visions out over in their mind like movies, gathering facts from their powers and using these gifts to guide others by giving prophecies.


    Necromancers are a very rare type of Sorceror that is able to call vampires to them, although vampires still have the ability to ignore the call. Necromongers are Necromancers who misuse their abilities by control vampires by making eye contact and speaking to them. This is forbidden as with the arts of Infernalism.


    Spellbinders are a versitale type of Sorceror with the ability to interrupt the spells of other Sorcerors. They also have one offensive ability, the ability to inflict flesh wounds upon a target without the use of any visible weapons. These wounds are not fatal, and can be treated with first aid or the use of a Healer.

    Elementalists are a type of Sorceror with the ability to speak to and call forth Elementals. They are forbidden to use this power to bind Elementals as slaves, just as Necromancers and Demonologists are forbidden to use their powers to bind vampires and demons to their will. Elementalists who call Elementalists against their will are merely known as Summoners.

    Werewolf Basics:

    Werewolves are humans that can turn into a wolf form.
    Werewolves are immortal as long as they continue to eat the flesh of either animals or people.
    Silver will injure or kill a werewolf.
    Werewolves have the ability to call animals to their side but animals have the choice of whether or not to respond. Beastmasters control and speak to animals but this specific use of the ability is a forbidden one.

    Cat Shifter Basics:

    Cat Shifters are humans that can turn into the form of a large cat.
    Cat Shifters are immortal as long as they continue to eat the flesh of either animals or people.
    Silver will injure or kill a Cat Shifter.
    Cat Shifters have the ability to call animals to their side but animals have the choice of whether or not to respond. Beastmasters control and speak to animals but this specific use of the ability is a forbidden one.

    Something to take note of is the fact that there are some abilities which are lost to time in this game. This is to give me a bit of control over the plot so I do not have portals to hell opening everywhere and hordes of zombies walking the earth unless I as the Storyteller open the portal or raise the zombies. A part of the plot can be looking to expand mage power, but that would be a subplot in this game while the war between the vampires and demons would be primary.

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