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 MxM  Fantasy  Romance  Erotic  Comedy A Chronicle of Utmost Solemnity & Extravagance [Nev & THTL]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Haven' started by Nevermind, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Nevermind

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    Jun 12, 2019
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    Ah, there it is, Sir Tancred's mighty broadsword. Lutheyrien couldn't help but gasp as the knight's manhood hardened beneath the surface of the water. What size the knight had displayed while flaccid, cock hanging between meaty thighs like a sausage waiting to be roasted, belied the sheer mass he could attain when aroused. Lu allowed the rag to float away, exposing the knight's thickening sex to bare and experienced fingers.

    "What gift you have deprived of the whores, harlots and wanton ladies, sir! And you speak so proudly of duty. What about your duty to this?" he punctuated his question with a firm squeeze at the base of Tancred's cock, noting how the knight's impressive circumfrence made it impossible for the elf to fully enclose his hand around the firm shaft. "Were you planning on defeating a mighty, evil, potentially cannibalistic warlock with aching jewels between your legs, or were you going to attempt to secretly relieve yourself while my back was turned? Shame, shame, sir knight. Despite what those insufferably stuffy clerics spout, I find little good comes from celibacy. Quite overrated, really."

    The elf's practiced digits began to pump the knight's shaft beneath the water, squeezing gently and circling Tancred's swollen head with the tip of his thumb each time his hand travelled Tancred's full length. It was all Lu knew how to do, satisfy and please. Well, that and make a rather mean rabbit stew, but that probably wouldn't come in handy until much further along in their journey.

    "What a favor the queen has done for me," Lu purred, slowly grinding down onto the knight's thigh. His own cock was as stiff and eager as the knight's. Whether the knight was interested in Lu's more masculine traits was yet unknown, but surely it couldn't hurt to show his own body's interest.

    "Tell me, sir, when was the last time you spilt your seed inside of a tight, desperate hole?"
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  2. ThreeHeartsAndThreeLions

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    Dec 15, 2019
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    Tancred grunted as the elf gripped him, the thick shaft of Tancred's cock pulsing hotly in Lutheyrien's soft hand. He met the elf's gaze and held it a long time, allowing Lu's grip to slide up and down his cock in those skilled pumping motions.

    Tancred's big band came around Lutheyrien's slender body and took a firm grip on the elf's pert backside, spattering some of the bath water with the power of the movement.

    His eyes drifted down to the graceful curve of the elf's erection and a smirk crossed Tancred's face as he look back into Lu's eyes.

    "If you want to talk filth to me, elf, get to it and skip the interminable preamble. I'm a patient enough man with a lover, but don't wax philosophical when what you want is a cock in your ass."

    Tancred pushed the elf away, back against the edge of the tub, and stood, his thickness glittering with bat water in the light of the small room. Tancred's huge hand found Lutheyrien's head and pulled him forward towards the pulsing head of his engorged cock.

    "You're more than pretty enough, elf, but my usual policy is restricted only to females. You need to prove you're worth the shift in tradition."
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