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Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by Conjuring, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Jan 12, 2021
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    it's magic, you know




    Hello, and welcome to my request thread. My name is Conjuring; I'm a twenty-six-year-old experienced female writer from the United States. I do ask that potential partners please read at least the next section (the one titled "about and expectations") before messaging me, as it contains the most important information about starting a roleplay with me. If you would like to discuss a roleplay or if you have a question, please message me; please do not post here.

    All plots and pairings listed here are just what I have in mind, so if there's something you love that you don't see, feel free to pitch it to me. I'm always interested in trying new things, and I'm very willing to adapt!


    about me & expectations

    Please make sure to read this section in full before messaging me; I find this to be the most important part of knowing whether or not we'll make good partners. Again, if you have questions, please feel free to message me.
    • Unfortunately, I live a very busy life, and can't be online twenty-four-seven. In character replies will come roughly once per week, though this can vary depending on what I have going on. I try to log on every day for OOC, but again, this might not happen all the time.
    • Length of replies doesn't concern me, but quality does. I prefer receiving interesting posts that do something to further the story, and promise to always give the same. Obviously, mistakes are fine, as long as I can understand what you're saying!
    • All roleplays will take place on-site, either via forum topic or private message. I don't use any other methods.
    • Please be willing to plot with me! I don't want to be a filler character in a story you've already written, and I don't want to dictate the plot all on my own.
    • Have fun! Enjoy! Jubilate! I want this to be as good for you as it is for me!


    favorite kinks & hard limits

    To make this as easy as possible, I've made a custom F-List just for use on this site. Nothing is required; this is just to give you an idea of what I do and don't enjoy.

    Things I will never include in any story are as follows:
    • Underage— All characters involved in our roleplay will be eighteen or older. If any settings that feature underage characters are mentioned in my pairings or plots (i.e. high school, Hogwarts) they will be altered so characters are still eighteen or older.
    • Non-Con/Rape— I heavily prefer consensual, but dub-con is possible in certain plots.
    • Bestiality— I love monsters and humanoid characters, but all non-humans must be both humanoid and sentient.
    • Mind Control/Bimbofication— I prefer to play my own characters. This is possible to use as a plot device, as long as I (the writer) still have control over my character OOC.
    • Scat/Vomit/Gore/Vore/Death— Just not my thing. Watersports is welcome and encouraged, though.
    • First Person/Self Inserting— We will be playing characters, and talking about them OOC as though they are characters, not ourselves. I came here to write and make friends, not to flirt.

    fandom pairings & plots
    I'll really only be listing my favorites, but if you have one to suggest, please feel free to do so. I'm always open to pairings not listed, too, but please do note that I prefer canon x canon and OC x OC over canon x OC. The latter is possible, but I'll require either doubling (as a character of our choosing and a character of our partner's choosing each) or a very detailed character profile for your OC.

    I am open to playing either character in most cases. If I have a hard-set preference, I will underline their name. Cravings will be marked with a heart. ( )

    the breakfast club
    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. Canons only.
    • Claire x Bender
    • Andrew x Allison

    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. OCs in the canon roles or crossover pairings/AU settings preferred, but will do canons.
    • Anna x Elsa
    • Meg x Hercules
    • Meg x Mulan
    • Jasmine x Aladdin
    • Jasmine x Esmeralda
    • Mulan x Shang
    • Ariel x Moana
    • Ariel x Lilo
    • Lilo x Stitch
    • Belle x Beast
    • Belle x Tiana
    • Rapunzel x Flynn
    • Jane x Tarzan
    • Moana x Maui
    • Moana x Kida
    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. Canons only.
    • Santana x Brittany
    • Santana x Rachel
    • Santana x Quinn
    • Santana x Brittany x Quinn
    • Santana x Brittany x Quinn x Rachel
    • Santana x Sam
    • Santana x Sebastian
    • Santana x Finn
    • Santana x Hunter
    • Santana x Puck
    • Rachel x Finn
    • Rachel x Puck
    • Rachel x Quinn
    • Rachel x Brody
    • Rachel x Sam
    • Quinn x Puck
    • Quinn x Finn
    • Quinn x Sam
    harry potter
    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. Any era. Canons or OCs.
    • Hermione x Draco
    • Hermione x Viktor
    • Hermione x Ron
    • Hermione x Harry
    • Hermione x Ron x Harry
    • Hermione x Ron x Harry x Draco
    • Hermione x Ginny
    • Hermione x Ginny x Harry
    • Hermione x Ginny x Draco
    • Hermione x Ginny x Viktor
    • Hermione x Ginny x Luna
    • Hermione x Fleur
    • Ginny x Luna
    • Ginny x Harry
    • Ginny x Neville
    • Luna x Neville
    • Luna x Fred and/or George
    • Lily x James
    • Lily x James x Sirius
    • Bellatrix x Voldemort
    • Narcissa x Lucius
    • OC x Viktor
    • OC x Oliver Wood
    • OC x Fred and/or George
    • OC x Harry
    • OC x Draco
    • OC x OC

    hunger games
    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. Canons preferred, but will do OCs.
    • Katniss x Gale
    • Prim x Rory
    • Effie x Haymitch
    • Annie x Finnick
    • OC x OC

    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. No human x Pokémon pairings unless humanoid. Earlier regions or spinoffs (Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, etc.) preferred. OCs preferred, but will do canons.
    • Misty x Ash
    • Misty x Gary
    • Misty x Ash x Gary
    • Jessie x James
    • OC x OC

    *All characters will be at least eighteen. OCs preferred, but will do canons.
    • Aela x Farkas x Vilkas
    • OC x Ralof
    • OC x Ulfric
    • OC x OC

    south park
    *All characters aged up to at least eighteen. Canons only.
    • Bebe x Kyle
    • Bebe x Stan
    • Bebe x Stan x Kyle
    • Bebe x Wendy
    • Bebe x Wendy x Stan
    • Bebe x Wendy x Kyle
    • Bebe x Kenny
    • Bebe x Clyde
    • Wendy x Stan
    • Wendy x Stan x Kyle
    • Wendy x Cartman

    star wars
    *All characters will be at least eighteen. Canons preferred, but will do OCs.
    • Rey x Ben ♡♡♡
    • Finn x Poe
    • Finn x Rose
    • Finn x Poe x Rose
    • Rose x Hux
    • Leia x Han
    • Revan x Carth
    • Revan x Bastila
    • Exile x Atton
    • OC x OC

    *All characters will be at least eighteen. Canons or OCs.
    • Rose x Jack
    • OC x OC

    the witcher
    *All characters will be at least eighteen. I've only played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Canons or OCs.
    • Geralt x Yennefer
    • Keira x Lambert
    • Ciri x Skjall
    • Priscilla x Dandelion
    • OC x Ciri
    • OC x Lambert
    • OC x Zoltan
    • OC x OC

    *All characters will be at least eighteen. Canons preferred, but will do OCs.
    • Judy x Nick
    • OC x OC


    original pairings & plots
    Here's where we have a ton of freedom! I'll do pretty much any genre and pretty much any set-up if the plot appeals to me, so even if you don't see something here that you like, feel free to suggest!

    This will be constantly updated, so feel free to check back!

    Cravings will be marked with a heart. ( )
    • Rich man x purchased girl
    • Trailer trash teen couple
    • Professor x student
    • Brother x sister / cousins
    • Kidnapper x kidnapped
    • Host student x foreign exchange student
    • Soldier x civilian
    • Bad boy/girl x good boy/girl
    • Bully x bullied's sibling
    • Random Craigslist roommates
    • Boss x secretary
    • Boyfriend's best friend x girlfriend
    • Native x tourist
    • Single parent x child's teacher
    • Traveler x hitchhiker
    • Celebrity x fan
    • Celebrity x assistant
    • Best friend's older brother x girl
    • Frat brother x sorority pledge
    • Fundamental religious/helpmeet arranged marriage
    • Sexually repressed x corrupting factor
    • Teen parents (18+ only)
    • Starting a family on YouTube/reality TV
    • Reality TV star x reality TV star
    • Reality TV star x regular person
    • High school students (18+) in detention together
    • Newbie detective x hardened veteran detective
    • Detective x victim
    • Gang member x rival's daughter
    • MMA fighter x trainer's daughter
    • Member of the royal family x civilian
    • Cult members
    • Frozen-in-time small towns
    • Road trips
    • Gritty survival (plane crash, stranded, etc.)
    • Paranormal investigators
    • Quarantine plots
    • Serial killer x "victim" turned helper
    • Ex-con x new neighbor
    • Broke college student x "sugar buddy" (non-sexual sugar daddy)
    • Letter-based story

    • Alpha x Omega
    • Vampire x human
    • Monster x human adventurer
    • Beauty and the Beast retelling
    • Arranged marriage
    • Princess x knight
    • Redemption plots
    • Demonic possession
    • Pirate x stowaway
    • Dungeon questing tank x healer
    • Witch x demon
    • Demon x human
    • Werewolf x human
    • Halfling/shortstack x human/orc
    • Lab janitor x humanoid creature
    • Homeowner x demon
    • Alien x human
    • God/goddess x human
    • Apocalypse survivors

    • Arranged marriage
    • Royal x commoner
    • Outlaw x ranch owner's daughter
    • World War II vigilante x nurse
    • Wounded soldier x nurse
    • Titanic
    • Great Depression
    • Oregon Trail/California Gold Rush



    And that's about all I have for you! Please feel free to message me if you would like to roleplay or if you have any questions; please do not post in this thread here. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2021
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