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 ‧₊˚⋆̩ ☽ cum n' play ☾ ⋆̩˚₊‧

Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by ghoulie, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. ghoulie

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    Jan 13, 2021
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    .。*゚+.*.。 Let's conjure up something wicked 。.*.+*゚。.

    Hello my darklings.~
    I'm your ghostess with the mostest,
    ‧ *₊˚ ghoulie ˚₊ * ‧

    Welcome to my lil request thread. Thanks for stoppin' by.
    It's a bit of a mess, but I am too.
    It's part of my charm.

    about me °+*
    I'm a lil lady in my early twenties who primarily prefers to write female characters against male characters.
    My characters are bratty submissives, and I like writing against hard doms.
    I consider myself an advanced lit roleplayer. I've been doin' this shit for a little over a decade now. My posts average about 4 - 7 paragraphs (~1,500 -2,500 words.) This doesn't mean I'm expecting you to match my length with every single post, but the point is: I write A LOT. All that I'm asking of you is a thoughtful response with enough for my character to react to. If you're only sending me a few short paragraphs without any substantial detail every time, you'll lose my interest pretty quickly.
    If your initial message to me is just "hey I like this plot let me know thanks," I probably won't respond. Please give me something more substantial than that. Tell me about your writing style, tell me why the plot caught your eye, give me some ideas on what direction we could take things in.
    I only write in third person/past-tense.
    I have no preference on face claims vs. character descriptions. I'm perfectly fine with just describing our characters in the story, but if you prefer claims I have some on deck. (If we do use face claims, I prefer for them to be real llfe models.)
    I love writing sex scenes just as much as the next guy, but I have to have some sort of plot driving all of the smut. I enjoy stories with conflict and complex characters, so I prefer about a 70/30 plot-to-smut ratio, but I'm flexible.
    PMs are my preferred place to write. I don't really like discord because of the character count, but if I like you enough you might be able to convince me.
    Uhhhhhh I don't really know what else to put here, so if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!! I love to get to know my partners in our OCC.

    what i'm looking for in a partner °+*
    I'm big on detail! I write very descriptive posts, so I want partners who are going to do the same.
    SADISTS!!! I love big mean scary Doms!! Grrrrrr!!! Bully me!! I don't like it when they soften up outside of the bedroom. I want arrogant, entitled assholes.
    I'm only looking to get involved in long term stories. I like to let tension build; gimme dat slow-burn babyyy. I don't do quickies/one-shots.
    Be spontaneous. I'm a sucker for a plot twist! Keep me on my toes! If you're iffy about something, ask about it.

    kinks °+*
    F-List is forbidden, so here's a rundown:
    favs: teasing, rough sex, sadomasochism, BDSM, free use, power struggle, dirty talk, sexual tension, possession/jealousy, titles/pet names, dom/sub, degredation, praise, and a helluva lot more.
    no-nos: watersports/scat, incest, vore, growth, underaged characters (18+ only), bestiality/anthros/animal-like characteristics, gaping/fisting, unrealistic body proportions

    plots °+*
    (I have a lot of em)
    keep in mind that these are just skeletons. I want to build on these ideas and create a unique story of our own!
    some of these ideas are my own, some have come from partners in the past. all credit goes where credit is due <3

    ☆☆ stars indicate hard cravings ☆☆

    I'm down to work on the same plot with different partners simultaneously, but I may take one off of the list if I have too many of it going or whatever.
    I'll change/add plots periodically, If you don't see something you like now, check back some other time. ^^
    yes, it's a lot of Slice of Life, but don't let that fool you. I started out as a Fantasy RPer and I'll never get tired of that genre.

    Slice of Life
    ☆☆☆☆☆ One of my biggest cravings right now is something stalkery?? I don't really have anything specific in mind, but it's one of my main cravings right now.
    They meet by chance, and YC becomes deeply infatuated with MC. He'll keeps finding seemingly serendipitous ways to insert himself into her life until eventually he asks her out to dinner or something.
    At first she just things he's charming at that they just happen to keep running into each other, then she like catches him in her house when she comes home early or she finds a pair of her panties at his house the first time she stays the night.
    I dunno. I'm veeeerrrry open to ideas. I'm looking for sinister obsession turned Stockholm Syndrome vibes. — Sort of reminiscent of the show You, if you've seen it.

    MC meets YC in a bar. There's a bit of an age difference, but nothing to bat an eye at. They go home together and continue to see each other for a few weeks after that. When the first day of school rolls around, MC goes to class and by some coincidence, YC is the professor of her first class. — I like student/teacher plots, but I don't like when the majority of it takes place in a classroom. I like finding fun ways to keep it taboo but still spice up the scene locations.

    ✩✩✩ YC kidnaps MC because he's looking for a pretty little thing to keep his house tidy. MC is always trying to escape and causing trouble, and YC has to deal with these annoyances and try to tame his new pet however he sees fit.

    MC has been YC's tenant for a few years now. She's always paid her rent on time and never given him any trouble.
    After suddenly losing her job, MC is unable to pay rent for the first time since she moved in. She knows she can get the money together, but if she could just convince him to give her a liiittle more time. (( I want this to be a blackmail/coercion story. Maybe he raises rent just out of her price range next month to get her coming back or something. ))

    ✩✩✩ YC has been best friends with MC's brother since before any of them can remember. But, MC and YC never really got along. MC moves back to town after living with her mother across the country for a few years. YC and MC's brother have been living together since they graduated high school. MC's brother offers her a place to stay while she's figuring things out for herself.

    Our characters are roommates who've never been any more than platonic. Everything was going great until rent was raised. Out of options to make ends meet, one of them jokingly suggests they start making porn since the amateur category is all the rage right now. After some discussion, the idea doesn't sound too bad! But they both swear that it's all strictly business and their encounters don't have any emotions attached to them. As they get more comfortable -- with each other and being on camera -- they start to get a little more bold with each other in terms of how kinky their willing to get. Once a BDSM dynamic develops, will it be maintained outside of the bedroom?

    YC is a young, wealthy executive, and despite MC being his secretary for years YC has never really given her a second glance. A huge gala is coming up and a lot of the company's clients and investors are going to be there, so it's important that YC makes a good impression. The morning of, YC gets a call from a trusted advisor urging him to bring a date to the event. Normally he's pretty solitary and keeps to himself, and he never really dabbled in dating because he was too busy focusing on work. But apparently he comes off as more personable when he brings a piece of eye candy with him. Now YC is left to scramble and find a date for the biggest event of the year, who's good looking and that he can stand the company of for the entirety of the night. Perhaps MC, his secretary, could do the trick.

    MC and YC sleep together occasionally, but have never considered the other as a serious romantic interest. YC asks MC to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family vacation to a beach resort so his parents will stop asking about his love life. But when his family isn't looking, the charade isn't in effect, so they're free to do whatever (and possibly whomever) they please. After a few days of watching each other flirt with other people, they start to get a bit jealous.

    ✩✩✩ YC and MC have both just moved into new apartments and they just so happen to be right next door to each other. They couldn't be more different. MC just broke off an engagement when she found out her fiance was cheating, and is now venturing out on her own as opposed to moving back home. YC is in the mafia. A suave ladies' man with a bad temper. After a long day of moving and unpacking, MC is excited to relax in a hot bath. Just as she settles in, she's disrupted but the sound of YC's one night stand echoing through the walls. Since she's on a new path to try and stand up for herself more, MC decides to go next door and ask YC to pipe it down. However, her confidence is wiped away when her sexy new neighbor answers the door in his underwear.

    YC and MC have been living together in a two bedroom house for a while now. MC is a bit shy, and has a massive crush on YC. He knows, and she knows he knows because he's constantly doing little things to tease her like walking around in his boxers, getting closer than he needs to when reaching past her, etc. YC has a little bit of a crush on MC as well, but for the most part just likes to see her flustered; he's had a long term girlfriend for a few years. The couple is known to be very well versed in BDSM, and YC's girlfriend who's usually the submissive starts hinting that she wants a threesome so they she and him can tag-team dom a pretty girl. YC eagerly suggests they ask MC, who thinks she must be dreaming when YC casually asks over dinner one night how she would feel being their third. After MC get's over her nerves, the three have a great time and everyone agrees that they wouldn't mind doing it again. The only issue is, seeing MC tied up, teary-eyed and overstimulated unlocks primal feelings inside YC that his own girlfriend doesn't even ignite. Against his better judgement, YC asks MC if she want's to have a little session so that he can give her some pointers for their next group date since she's new to the world of BDSM. What had intended to be a mentor session quickly gets hot an heavy and YC and MC have their first solo encounter together and happens to be the best sex either of them have ever had. YC is now left with the difficult decision of continuing to play with MC behind his girlfriend's back, or deal with an explosive breakup so that he can turn MC into his full-time live in sex slave.

    ✩✩✩ YC is a criminal. One day, he and his gang decide to rob a bank. MC is unlucky enough to be one of the hostages. For some reason, YC is intrigued by her and decides to take her off into the back room while his goons are looting the money and keeping the rest of the hostages in line. He doesn't have any sinister intentions, he's just curious about her. (oooooor maybe a little tied-up dub con hehehe.) They part ways, or so she thinks. YC has people keeping tabs on her and keeps popping up at random times to bug her. She's a party girl, so he often "runs into her" at bars and things. She acts like she wants nothing to do with him but can't seem to fight their mutual attraction. (This sounds kinda similar to the mafia one, I know, but I promise it isn't.)

    MC has been with her boyfriend for over a year now, so he decides to finally bring her home to meet his family. Her boyfriend is an all-around good guy - a successful businessman, doting boyfriend, etc. But when they arrive at his parents' house, will MC be able to resist YC - her boyfriend's suave, troublemaker older brother?

    ✩✩✩ MC is young and naïve, always looking for trouble. She finally find it with YC, an older and cooler type that MC encounters somewhere she has no business being with their fake ID. YC is attracted to MC on a physical level, but when he finds out her age. he tells her that he is not interested in anything beyond a one night stand and he is definitely not what MC needs, and vice versa. Reluctant, to let the opportunity to be with YC slip away, MC convinces YC to take her home. In the heat of the moment, when the chemistry is so obviously there, YC says all the things MC wants to hear, and MC does all the things YC wants her to do.
    Once it’s all over, YC’s attitude hasn’t changed, but MC doesn’t believe it’s a hopeless cause. Much to YC’s dismay, MC starts coming around to his place, hanging out with his friends or just trying to find little ways push into his life in hopes of showing how good they would be together despite their difference in age. YC insists that their relationship will never be yet he can’t help sending mixed signals when they continued to fall into bed with her over and over again.

    ✰✰✰ YC and MC meet each other and instantly connect. They're quickly swept up in a passionate affair, despite MC's impending arranged marriage. MC's fiance's family hosts an engagement party for the couple, and upon arriving MC runs into YC, who happens to be her fiance's brother.

    After MC's father is assassinated due to his involvement with some illegal activity from the bar/tavern that he owns, she employs the help of YC, a known dangerous criminal to seek out whoever killed her father.

    YC, a thief, breaks into the house of a wealthy aristocrat. When MC, the nobleman's daughter, tries to stop him, YC decided that kidnapping her for ransom would be worth more than whatever he was going to steal.

    ✰✰✰ YC and his army has invaded MC's kingdom and taken over, leaving MC as one of the only survivors -- and a trophy.

    MC is an assassin hired to kill YC, someone of power/status. (Or vice versa.)

    ✰✰✰ YC's kingdom is under attack. MC comes with troops from the neighboring kingdom to offer assistance. They meet on the battlefield and fight excellently together, at the end of the battle, it's revealed that MC is a woman, which was something that got lost on YC in all the commotion. After sharing a drink in YC's tent, one thing leads to another... But when he wakes up in the morning she's gone. Later, YC visits MC’s realm to thank them for their help and let MC know that he's been unable to get her off of his mind. Much to his dismay, he finds out that MC is already arranged to be married. Will the two maintain a secret romance? (I like the idea of MC's fiancé finding out and putting a price on YC's head. Maybe MC and YC go on the run together. )

    One of our characters is a servant in the other's kingdom and they develop a forbidden affair.

    ✰✰✰✰✰ I have an old badass demon assassin character that I haven't written in so long, but I miss using very dearly. I don't have a specific plot in mind, but I do have a few semi-specific ideas and things for characters. I'm looking for someone who's willing to get into a long-term fantasy-based adventure plot puh-LEASE. This would involve a lot of planning and world building and would definitely have a lot more plot than smut. If you're interested in this I'll send you her backstory and things and we can discuss.

    ✰✰✰ Everybody loves a good Zombie Apocalypse plot. I want a lot of world building. I don't have a specific idea, just the "they thought they were both the last person on earth until the other one showed up." Maybe one of them is a drifter, and the other has a super sick bunker.

    YC is a ghost that died in the house that MC just moved into.

    YC rescues MC (an elf/fairy/mermaid/TBD) from a band of captors.

    ✰✰✰ YC, a vampire, stumbles upon MC as she's being assaulted in an alleyway on her way home. Something compels him to help her out, and he drains all of her attacker's blood. Not so hungry after his meal, he doesn't kill MC, but instead makes a deal with her to be his own personal snack in exchange for saving her life so that he can keep an eye on her and make sure she keeps his identity a secret.

    YC is a hunter trying to catch a supernatural being that's terrorizing a town and leaving young girls turning up dead. MC is his assistant that he's using as bait.

    MC (an elf/fairy) finds YC injured in the woods and takes him back to her village to nurse him back to health. (Humans could be a threat/enemy to the species)

    vampires vampires vampires. I love vampires. pls gimme vampires. mean ones.

    YC is a Demon that only MC can see, and he won't leave her alone. ( or vice versa.)

    Pirates!! I love Pirates! I love playing as them, against them, it doesn't matter. If you like pirates and want to work something out with that let me know.

    That's all I have for now.
    Thank you for sifting through all of my word vomit. Hopefully you found something interesting.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

    happy haunting!
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