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What do the different username colors mean?

On Umbra, we have four different username colors: turquoise, red, purple, and gold. Each color signifies either a specific role the user plays on the site or something the user has done to support Umbra.

Users with these names are site administrators and members of Umbra Staff.*

Site Administrators: Nevermind, Nyctibius, Poldaran (on hiatus)

Users with these names are site moderators and members of Umbra Staff.*

Site Moderators: Candi Cosmo

Users with these names are site assistants. Although they are not official staff members, they do help with on-site tasks and can be approached for information regarding the site.

Site Assistants: Dream Catcher, ReireitheSmileFaerie

Users with these names have supported Umbra by providing one or more monetary donations to the site equal to or greater than $10. A user does not need to donate $10 at a single time to earn a gold name. If someone chooses to donate $5 one month and $5 two months later, their total donations would be equal to $10, thus making them eligible to receive a gold name. Users with gold names are NOT members of Umbra Staff.

*To learn about Umbra Staff roles, please click here.
Jul 15, 2019
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