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All you need to know regarding Umbra Roleplaying.

What do the different username colors mean?

On Umbra, we have four different username colors: turquoise, red, purple, and gold. Each color signifies either a specific role the user plays on the site or something the user has done to support Umbra.

Users with these names are site administrators and members of Umbra Staff.*

Site Administrators: Nevermind, Nyctibius

Users with these names are site moderators and members of Umbra Staff.*

Site Moderators: Candi Cosmo

Users with these names are site assistants and members of Umbra Staff.*

Site Assistants: Dao Ma, Merra, ReireitheSmileFaerie

Users with these names have supported Umbra by providing one or more monetary donations to the site equal to or greater than $10. A user does not need to donate $10 at a single time to earn a gold name. If someone chooses to donate $5 one month and $5 two months later, their total donations would be equal to $10, thus making them eligible to receive a gold name. Users with gold names are NOT members of Umbra Staff.

*To learn about Umbra Staff roles, please click here.

What BBCodes are available for me to use?


How do I report an inappropriate post or private message?

In the event you encounter a post or private message that violates one of Umbra's rules, you have the option of reporting that post. At the bottom of each message (beneath the poster's signature) you'll see a link called "Report". (Click the image below to see the full sized image.)


After clicking the "Report" button, a form will pop up asking for the reason you are reporting the message. Please be as specific as possible when you are filling out this form. Once completed, your report will be sent directly to staff.

Please remember, staff takes all reports seriously. We will handle any issues brought to our attention with discretion.
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