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Frequently asked questions about roleplaying.

What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying is when two or more individuals take on the role of one or multiple characters and write a story, or "roleplay," with one another. This occurs post-by-post, meaning one person will write a post describing the setting, their character's dialog and actions, etc., and their partner will reply with their own post moving the plot forward.

Umbra is a General Roleplaying Forum, meaning we do not require our users to write specific characters or participate in a pre-selected genre or setting. Members are encouraged to explore various genres simultaneously and can play as many--or as few--characters as they please.

What is a Request Thread?

A Request Thread, or an "RT," are threads created by individual members in order to share their likes, dislikes, potential plot ideas, and preferences when it comes to roleplays and roleplay partners.

At Umbra, we separate our Request Threads into two categories: One on One and Group. One on One RTs are for users searching for an RT written with only one other person. Group RTs are for those who wish to start an RP with three or more writers.

To learn more about RTs, please check out Request Thread Rules & Helpful Tips.
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