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 Staff Application Form

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Umbra, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Staff Application Form

    Interested in becoming a part of Umbra's staff? Fantastic! You've come to the right place. Please take a moment to fill out the application form below to the best of your ability. Remember, specificity is encouraged! Before we can know if we would like to add you to the Umbra team, we have to get to know you. This application is the perfect way to make that happen.

    We can't promise a staff position to everyone who applies. If we do not have any staff positions available, we will hold onto your application for future reference.

    Please fill out the form below and PM it to @Nevermind when completed.

    Positions Anyone Can Apply For:

    Assistant - An assistant is a member who, while performing important tasks for staff, are not "official" staff members. Assistants perform a variety of tasks including (but not limited to): welcoming new members, answering member questions about the site (or checking in with moderators/administrators if they are unsure of the answer), write site and/or writing guides, creating medals/graphics, and potentially helping to maintain Umbra's social media presence. Duties for those in this category are open and maleable, so if you have a job you think would be perfect for an Assistant, please let us know!​

    Global Moderator - Moderators have the ability to perform many helpful tasks around the site, such as moving threads, deleting posts, handling minor rule violations, community outreach and recruitment, and resolving member conflicts. They can also perform any of the jobs involved in the Assistant position.​

    Staff Positions Available:
    We currently have no open positions. However, if you'd like to be considered for a future position, please submit this application!
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