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Discussion in 'One on One RP Requests' started by Somniac, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Somniac

    Somniac sings in the night Member

    Jul 27, 2019
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    Salutations. I’m 29, laid back, and looking for trouble of the strictly fictional kind. I’ve been out of the 1x1 scene for some time, but was fairly active for some years.

    Many of the characters I roll are, like me, queer and mixed race – much like many white and straight peoples’ casts are often also white and straight. I like to throw in some of what I know with a hefty helping of shit I don't know jack about.

    I can take forever to get to my 1x1s. This is not a reflection on you, just something I notice tends to happen with the format for me. I tend to post more OOC stuff than IC stuff because it is way faster for me to make a couple dick jokes than go spelunking into someone else’s fictional brain.

    I am feedback- and brainstorming-friendly. I am random non sequitur-friendly. I am generally quiet but friendly.

    I prefer to use written descriptions and occasionally draw my own characters, but I can do face claims too. I have no preference for how you represent your characters.

    I do not personally expect post-matching. By default, I write as much or as little as I deem necessary to progress the scene.

    I’m pretty selective. It’s nothing against you if I say ‘no,’ or even ‘not right now.’ I just know what I like, when I like it, and I don’t want to leave you hanging.

    Speaking of leaving you hanging: November. My domestic partner and I have already penciled another novel for NaNo. Sometimes I take hiatuses for things like that.

    Expect comedy, adventure, nerdery, disaster, and opportune sprinklings of romance and/or sexual tension.


    UGH, YES.

    Explicit/enthusiastic consent. I love high-chemistry pairings, and this element is crucial for that.

    BDSM elements. Think less dom/sub dynamics and more whips, chains, blindfolds and sometimes comically inserted discussions.

    Weird challenges. Like throwing dice into your decision-making? What about random prompts? If I get stuck on a post, chances are I’ve got two different extremes in mind and am rolling the dice on it. Want to gamify that with me?

    World nerdery. Related to the above, charts for random chances and/or trivia. Random statistics that might never be relevant – or so you think. Watch me.

    Open communication. There’s two of us here, with interests and styles that are going to mesh and conflict. It’s amazing what can happen when both people know what the mutual goals are.


    While persona play/self-inserting has its place, it is not with me. I’m here to write fictional disaster against fictional characters. If I’m writing with you, I probably think you’re swell. I am not personally comfortable stabbing swell peoples’ voodoo dolls.

    While I will delve a little too eagerly into the psychological horror aspects, I’m not interested in romanticized rape nor will I write a romantic interest against an active rapist.

    Please, no cruising for an RL boyfriend here. The reason I’m the friendly, laid-back fellow before you is because I’ve been getting monogamously wrecked since 2012.

    Heteronormative and/or yaoi dynamics. It just makes me sad. :(


    Underlined is the role I’ll assume I’m taking. Nothing’s set in stone – put a little elbow grease into convincing me and I’ll come up with something for the other side.​

    Guy With a Vengeful Streak x Dude Who Pissed Him Off
    Maybe he cut him off in traffic. Maybe he’s a shit coworker. Maybe they went to school together, and DWPHO got hot after however many years of bullying him. Maybe DWPHO just orders really, really, really specific things at the restaurant GWaVS works at.

    Whatever the reason, be it petty or horrifying - GWaVS has found DWPHO’s online dating profile and is whipping out all the genius of a hick on Catfish to make him suffer.
    Problem is, he’s enjoying the game a little too much.

    Does DWPHO suspect? Or is he none-the-wiser about this dream come true being a nightmare?
    Robber x One Night Stand
    There’s a lot of uncomfortable discussions to be had when you make your living off someone else’s unprotected living room … so he doesn’t. With anyone. Instead, our Robber lives the transient, town-to-town life and keeps telling himself he’ll make ‘enough’ to start over.
    That day has yet to come.

    One Night Stand (ONS) might have met him at the typical kind of one night stand-place: at a gay club or bar, Grindr, some sort of online dating app predominantly populated by faceless abs – the usual. Or perhaps they bumped into each other at … the pawn shop.

    They went to a hotel and had (presumably) a nice time.

    Then, one fateful night, not too long after The Night … ONS wakes up to something awry...

    Just in case this isn’t awkward enough, why not make ONS a cop?
    Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
    Prince x Prince?Count?Baron?Suicidal Knight?

    Our prince has overslept. Whether it was a bite of apple, or a prick of a needle, our prince has spent enough time in a glass tomb to collect some dust. The rumor went that true love’s kiss could wake him – and so enterprising monarchies sent their eligible princesses to stake their influence on a potential future king’s land.

    Huh. No luck. Well, they sent their other nobility. Nope, still no luck. So they started letting village girls smack lips with/against ugh freezer-cold royalty. Nothing happened.

    However long it’s been, times have changed. Men are no longer put to death for bedding other men. More importantly: there’s a territory conflict and some enterprising fellow got the bright idea to stake a claim on an ancient kingdom by testing if Prince UsedToHaveALotOfWoodsHere was gay.

    Is it Renaissance-esque era instead of Medieval? Or did society take literally hundreds, possibly thousands of years to figure out some prince might be gay and maybe there’s aliens now?

    I’m open to either role, and guaranteed to make it unflattering.
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  2. Somniac

    Somniac sings in the night Member

    Jul 27, 2019
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    3:41 AM
    “I once made a guy send me a picture of himself holding a toaster because I was in a notoriously catfishy WoW guild.”
    -some guy on Reddit
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