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Frequently asked questions about Umbra's staff.

What are the roles of each staff group?

At Umbra, we have two tiers of staff: administrators and moderators. Staff members' usernames will always be bold and have an "Administrator" or "Moderator" banner beneath them.

Administrators can do just about anything on the site. Their main job is to handle "behind the scene" issues on Umbra, such as site or theme glitches, maintenance, account management, age verification, etc. Administrators also handle serious rule violations such as underage reports or reports of forbidden roleplay content.

Current Umbra Administrators: Nevermind, Nyctibius, Poldaran

Moderators have the ability to perform many helpful tasks around the site, such as moving threads, deleting posts, handling minor rule violations, community outreach and recruitment, and resolving member conflicts. If there is an issue a moderator is ill-equipped to handle for whatever reason, the issue is bumped up to the site's administrators.

Current Umbra Moderators: Candi Cosmo

Current Staff Members on Hiatus: Poldaran

How do I become a staff member?

If you are interested in becoming an Umbra staff member, please check out our Staff Application Form to see if we are currently hiring.

How do I report a staff member?

If a staff member has behaved inappropriately toward you, please contact an administrator via Private Message immediately. We take reports against our staff extremely seriously and will handle any and all complaints with complete discretion. Please keep any records of inappropriate behavior and send them along with your initial report (screenshots, chat logs, etc).
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